2010 GRAPHIC ACTION GAME - This game puts you aboard the Discovery orbiting between 2500 and 3000 kilometers above IO, depending on the skill level (1 - 4) desired. In skill level 1 Hal is functioning and assists you in repairing and powering up the Discovery, but other skill levels require repair of both the Discovery and Hal before the orbit decays and all is lost. You have arrived there aboard the Leonov some ten years after it went into orbit around IO. Your mission is to get the Discovery spaceworthy and out of IO orbit by repairing and powering systems' circuits - Life support, communication, engines, and reactor - and repairing and powering the HAL 9000 computer. Once Hal is repaired, you'll have his assistance in powering up other systems' circuits. A Discovery Repair Manual and Engineering Repair Card are provided to help you. Pause feature is provided. Earn points for repairs. Excellent graphics, music and sound effects.

ALCAZAR - Hundreds of years ago massive fortified palaces were built in Spain to withstand unbearable siege. Alcazar was the grandest castle of them all containing riches of a dozen rulers. Folklore whispered of fantastical demons and unimaginable peril. But before you can even reach its entrance you will need to venture through a broad countryside of ancient castles. Each one harbors within its confines fire-breathing griffins, saber-swinging guards, bottomless shafts and much more. Through over 20 castles with hundreds of rooms, you will be driven to call upon every ounce of strength and intellect you possess. Visual and unique audio clues abound. Discover valuable tools. Use guns to shoot many of those that oppose you, but you have only three pockets and one free hand. Lots of graphics and sound effects. Four levels of difficulty.

ALPHABET ZOO - The cartridge game teaches children letters by placing a picture of an object or animal in the center of a maze and scattering various Letters about the maze. The child may select a different character icon which he or she moves through the maze to locate all the letters that begin the name of the object. Pressing the side button removes the letter, scores ten points, and the letter reappears again within the maze. Letters continually move about the object as the child moves about gathering the correct letter. Two jump points in the maze allow the character icon to jump to a different part of the maze. A time limit of one and a half minutes is imposed. Six skill levels and two games are available for up to two children. The game includes good color graphics and musical sound effects.

AMAZING BUMPMAN - This game provides math with an action packed game that will keep you heavily involved. On the right side of the screen is a place for either addition or subtraction of numbers that appear at the center of a grid. This grid is made up of an octagonal pattern in which the Amazing Bumpman moves while knocking down the walls of each cell as he goes. Once all the walls on the edge of the screen have been knocked down, the screen shifts that direction to reveal more of the grid. The numbers in the middle of the grid are green and indicate the numbers we are looking for. As the grid shifts on the screen, white numbers will appear that must be pushed to the green matching number. Bumpman can also throw erasers that will knock down cell walls and move a number one cell. Scattered about the grid are solid cells which cannot be moved or passed through, too. Once all the numbers have been found, the entire number moves to the first line of the math problem and more numbers will appear to be found for the second line of the problem. The answer may be revealed or hidden in the center of the grid, and you must find the solution numbers to complete the math problem. During this entire process there are pinchers and whirlies moving about the grid to seek you out and take your life. They must be avoided while you go about moving the grid and numbers during your quest for the correct answer. They can be eliminated by moving them off the grid during its movement, or by pushing a number into one of them. Erasers will not harm them, but may help move them off the grid by throwing a eraser to knock down all the walls of cells along the edge of the grid. An eraser can knock a number into and kill a pincher or whirly. There are four skill levels, and easy has no pinchers or whirlies to distract the younger player. Just finding the numbers and getting them to their destination is a challenge in itself. The problems are much harder in the hard and expert categories, too. Completing three problems is rewarded with an extra Bumpman. You begin with five. Points are scored for everything. The game may be paused. Good graphics and sound effects.


ANTARCTIC ADVENTURE - Explore the icy Antarctic as you, Plucky penguin, speed around the South Pole racing against time on each of ten different legs separated by ice stations. During the journey you earn points by capturing flags, catching jumping fish, and jumping over obstacles. But watch out for the ice patches, ice crevasses, and seals that pop up to delay your journey and possibly cause you to run out of time between ice stations. Great graphics and music. For standard or Super Action Hand Controllers. One player. Special practice run.

AQUATTACK - Aquattack is the code name for a mission to destroy the Axtoatle Combine. It is a perilous expedition because they defend their territory fiercely using Death Copters and tanks, assault stations that fire clouds of methane gas and high- velocity missiles, and mine fields of mobile radioactive solar bars. At first your Bliztek hydroship skims along a canal, then through a dark tunnel. The hydroship is abandoned for a hang- glider. Fuel is maintained by refueling along the way. The craft are well protected, but can be destroyed. Ammo Deposts along the route later will keep you well armed. The final step is to transfer four hydrogen bombs, one by one, from the bottom of a mined energy field to the top within a 99 count time limit. Higher levels will find Guard Droids patrolling the base. Each time a round is concluded a new faster round begins where the enemy is more accurate and possesses more sophisticated weapons. One player, but a second player can control firing of missiles and the direction using the key pad. The other player controls the ship's speed and direction using the side-buttons and joystick. Very nice graphics and good sound effects.

ARTILLERY DUEL - Artillery Duel is a two player game of tank combat in rolling hills. Each player takes turns evaluating the amount of powder used, the wind factor, and the angle of the barrel before the shot. A one minute count-down allows time to make calculations before the round is automatically fired. Tanks can withstand a partial hit. A target screen shows that the tank has locked on to the other tank. A direct hit lights up the sky, the foot soldiers march in and back out while the score is displayed. Then a new scene is depicted with two new tanks. Partial hits are indicated with the percent of damage sustained, and the round continues. Three levels of play are provided. Graphics are excellent with daylight and night scenes with clouds drifting across. Good sound effects, music.

BASEBALL (SuperAction Controllers Only) - Probably the best baseball game available when used with the SA Controllers, the game features Spring Training and Head-to-Head Baseball. In Spring training you can take batting practice, practice fielding, and with two players Pitch and Bat. In Head-to head play, two players compete in two skill levels, the second of which allows you to position your fielders more precisely. With the SA Controllers you run by rolling the Speed Roller, and pressing the blue action button keeps him running. Runners are controlled by the finger buttons as are the fielders on the second controller. When a hit clears the infield, finger buttons control the out fielders. Press the keypad to throw the ball around. The pitch er can pitch straight, curve inside, curve down and outside, and knuckle balls at slow, medium-slow, medium-fast, or fast speeds. The aim can be adjusted using the control stick, making the ball go high, low, inside or outside. Steal, pick-off, double plays, and home runs are part of the fun. Great graphics and sound effects.

BC'S QUEST FOR TIRES - The Cute Chick's in trouble and it's Thor to the rescue as he jumps and ducks obstacles in his path. Then he crosses the river by hopping on turtle backs as they surface and submerge. And Fat Broad is waiting to ambush him. Then there's the lava pit, uphill and downhill runs, a cliff, showering boulders to avoid, another river crossing with a dinosaur waiting, and a cave of stalactites and stalagmites to avoid before the rescue is made. Action continues as play begins anew with more obstacles. Speed may be adjusted and up to two players can play. Great graphics and music. Suitable for young and old alike.

BC'S QUEST FOR TIRES II: GROG'S REVENGE - Thor now must discover the Meaning of Life, hidden away somewhere in a long maze of mountains. The perilous roads around the mountains are covered with clams which he gathers in order to pay Peter, the toll- taker, and advance to the next mountain. To get to the toll booth he must go through dark, scary caves using his headlight to see obstacles and clams. Grog also is saving clams for himself, and he must avoid grog, rocks, potholes and wheel-eating Tiredactyls in his quest. Great graphics show Thor in the playing screen, and below is pictured a preview screen showing his and Grog's location and score screen. Steering is tricky so don't run into the wall or over the edge of the cliff. There are lots of tips and clues that can allow you to advance from level A up to F in "warp" maneuvers, too. Very challenging for one or two players.

BEAMRIDER - The Restrictor Shield, 99 sectors deep, now surrounds the Earth. You are the Beamrider on a mission to clear the Shield. You deploy from the Space Station and encounter 15 enemy saucers in each sector, each firing to destroy you before you can go to the next sector. When all 15 saucers are destroyed their Sentinel ship will cruise across the top of the beams. You have three torpedos for destroying the Sentinel ship. Laser lariats are available in unlimited supply, but they are only effective against certain invaders. Earn bonus ships for your fleet. The action is fast and fun. Very nice graphics and sound effects. For up to four players with three skill levels. Lots of tips and fun.

BLACKJACK/POKER - Blackjack pits your card skill against Max, the casino dealer. A special HELP feature allows you to call for assistance. In POKER, play one-on-one Five-Card Stud. But don't let Max's poker face fool you. Up to four players may play. The instruction booklet provides you with the basic information you need to play, but it is only the beginning.

BLOCKADE RUNNER - Blockade Runner gives you an eye view of the galaxy in realistic 3-D as you guide your fleet of 4 merchant space freighters to Earth with vital supplies. Hostile aliens have sighted you and forced you into a dangerous asteroid belt. The skilled commander will avoid the asteroids, destroy Robot mines and alien ships, contend with fuel shortages, and prevent the deflector shields from over-heating. Two players can share duties during the mission. While one player uses a controller to control the ship's speed and direction, the other fires the missiles, both working as a team. The action is fast paced, and the skill level self-adjusts to the level of play making action take place at incredible speeds. The players work as a team to conclude the mission. In the process you will contend with asteroids, mines, heat-seeking robot mines, and alien ships while you keep control of the deflector shield's temperature by flying through ice and away from asteroids and space explosions that cause heat build up. If you get too hot, you will blow up and command will be transferred to the second ship. The ice also replenishes the limited nuclear fusion fuel that powers the ship. Should you survive, alien ships will emerge and fire circular plasma blasts at your freighter that will heat your shields. It takes three hits to destroy this final threat before you reach and save the Earth. A Mission Analysis screen always appears giving you the details: Time taken, Distance left, Collisions, Refuelings, Mines cleared, Mine damage, Enemy ships and ships left, and Final Score. The highest score is provided at the end of each game, too. Great graphics and good sound effects. Realistic control of the fighter makes this an outstanding game.

BOULDER DASH - An addictive mixture of challenge, strategy, reflex and charm. Collect the required number of jewels and the mysterious escape tunnel is awarded. Tunnel through the ground while avoiding possible falling boulders in passing before time expires for each round. Master the enchanted walls, transform butterflies into jewels and escape the growing amoeba. Five levels of difficulty and up to two players. Many caves (screens), each with a new challenge to locate the jewels and escape tunnel. Great graphics and music, sound effects.

BRAIN STRAINERS - For one or two players, select from two games: Follow the Leader or Clef Climber. Follow the Leader is a sound matching game that puts your visual memory to the test as well. Each time a note plays, an arrow points at one of four colored triangles. Move the control stick to match it and the sequence continues with the addition of a note. Forty different difficulty levels are available. In Clef Climber your auditory memory is challenged. The computer plays a note and after a few seconds you hear another note which you change to match the first. Many playing options are available that allow you to see the notes on a staff or not, to sound the notes like an electron horn or a piano key, to time the round at different lengths or not, or to play both the note to be matched while the note you are changing plays as well, alternate between the two notes, or play the note to be matched and then stop while you try to match it. How good is your ear? Notes display the key on screen along with location on the staff to learn to read music and recognize pitch. Lots of fun, full of graphics, and great sounding.

BUCK ROGERS - Jump into the fighter and set out for the Planet of Zoom. Fend off attacks from flying saucers and rockets. Soar over the planet surface fighting saucers, planes and rockets. Watch out for energy barriers and attackers. Steer past asteroids and assaulting aliens. Then race toward the alien Command Ship to blast its four engines and reactor gates. One or two players with four skill levels provide real challenge. Earn additional fighters. Great graphics and sound. The cartridge version is easy for kids to plug in and play.

BUMP 'N JUMP - Race against other cars, knocking them off the track to score points, while jumping obstacles and open water during play. As the race progresses the seasons change. At the end of each season your score is increased according to the number of cars you've eliminated. Use either standard controllers or Expansion Module #2 (Driving Controller) and play up to two players at four skill levels. Pause using keypad buttons 1 & 9 together. Game often flashes sign and sound to tell you of upcoming jump. Car enlarges and shadow appears during jumps. Control speed and direction, even during jump. Great sound and graphics.

BURGERTIME - Help Chef Peter Pepper make burgers and evade the he tricky food foes. As you move around the pepper grille, zipping across the tops of burger parts to make them drop into the plates below, watch out for Mr. Hot Dog, Mr. Egg, and Mr. Pickle. When they get too close, pepper them to freeze them, or drop them with the burger parts to score points. Grab the ice cream cone, cup of coffee, or french fries for points and extra peppers. Up to two players, and four skill levels. Play on standard controllers or Super Action controllers. Four scenes. Play gets faster as game continues. Very nice graphics and music, sound effects.

CABBAGE PATCH KIDS: ADVENTURES IN THE PARK - Anna Lee is warming up for a day of athletic adventures in the park. As you stroll with her through the park you'll encounter obstacles to leap onto or over. Score points for grabbing the vine, landing on a lily pad, grabbing the apple, or jumping over rocks, balls, puddles, blocks, and campfires, or onto blocks or into the fountain! Over fifty screens for up to two players. Each trip through the park gets progressively more difficult. Standard controllers or Super Action Controllers may be used. Great graphics and music.

CABBAGE PATCH KIDS: PICTURE SHOW - Picture Show is an electronic paint set, flannel board, puppet theatre and movie maker, all rolled into one! Children can paint and place props on blank or predrawn screens. They can also stage plays, create animated cartoons, record them, and play them back! A Demonstration is shown at the beginning showing what your child can perform. An excellent program guide helps introduce the features of this program to your child. Choose your character, change the costume, and play. You can select props from three prop screens: Indoor props, Outdoor props, and Letters. Select a blank screen or the predrawn screens and add your choice of props. Put on the paint! Everything is controlled from the standard ADAM Hand Controller. Even two players can play together, jumping and falling. Press record and everything your characters do is recorded and can be played back later along with your choice of music. Great graphics and sound.

CAMPAIGN 84 - You become a candidate for the presidency. Choose your party and your platform issues and then hit the campaign trail. You must raise funds and avoid bad press while strengthening your popularity in each state. Since time is running out, your strategy is critical if you hope to earn the required electoral votes to enable you to hear 'Hail to the Chief'. Play against the computer or another opponent. Four screen make play easy: Issue Screen (where you are for or against an issue), US Map Screen (to choose the states and encounter fund-raisers or bad press as you travel along), State Campaign Screen (where you shake hands to gain popularity and collide with issue characters - the ones you selected help your popularity and a meter on the screen shows the results), and Election Day Screens (where the results come in as states change color as the results carry each state campaigned in). There are four levels of play. Helpful hints are presented in the instruction booklet.

CARNIVAL - Plays and sounds like the Carnival arcade game. Prove your skill at hitting targets in this challenging carnival shooting gallery. Take good aim and a careful choice of targets, but watch out for bullet-eating ducks! Once you clear the gallery you get a chance at hitting a special bear target for extra points. Bonus points are scored for hitting the letters in "BONUS" in order. Extra bullet targets, pipe wheel target, and plus-minus target for added fun. Up to two players with four skill levels. Great graphics and authentic music and sounds.

CENTIPEDE - Using the magic wand to shoot sparks, you can turn any section of the Centipede into a powerless mushroom, stun the spider, flea and scorpion, making them disappear for a short time. Once bitten, however, your wand is snatched away. Start play with up to five wands. The Centipede consists of 12 body segments and attacks from the top of the screen, winding down toward you. He attacks in 12 distinct waves. Mushrooms defect his movement as spiders, fleas, and scorpions attack. Bonus wands are awarded with enough points. Three game variations are available for up to two players. Pause the action as desired. Very good graphics and sound effects.

CHESS CHALLENGER - This game uses the World Champion Chess programs by Fidelity. Plan you defense with care - NEVER RELEASED]

CHOPLIFTER - A crisis situation develops between the home nation and the evil empire in which 64 delegates to the United Nations Peace Conference have been kidnaped. They are being held near their territorial border. A mission is launched to rescue these hostages using you to command the mission and pilot the rescue helicopter. Using the joy stick to control up down and direction, along with the left side button for turning the helicopter in the correct direction, you fly across the enemy territory. Prisoners are being held in barracks and will run out to enter the helicopter once you arrive. Avoiding the fire from tanks, you set down and allow the hostages to enter. You may not have time to get them all, and they can be killed by enemy fire and well as your own misfires. The right side button fires in the direction you are pointing. Once you have picked up the survivors then take them back and allow them to unload and add to your score. Keep repeating the process until all remaining survivors are brought home. A pause feature lets you take a break. There are four skill levels for on or two players. Good graphics and sound.

CONGO BONGO - The jungle is full of hazards as you climb and jump your way through each scene. Avoid the rocks thrown by the adversary gorilla and the clinging monkeys. Move quickly to avoid the stinging scorpions. Jump carefully from turtle and hippo back as you cross the river. The natives are restless. Up to two players and four skill levels. Great graphics, music and sound effects.

COSMIC AVENGER - This futuristic air and sea battle game is fought between a ship you control and an advanced alien civilization. You maneuver your ship over the complex enemy cities and beneath the ocean, firing and dropping bombs as you go. Your goal is to destroy the enemy's installations while avoiding their relentless return fire from cities, UFOs and submarines. Your radar screen warns you of attack. Bonus fighters are awarded with enough points. For up to two players and four skill levels. Very good graphics and sound effects.

COSMIC CRISIS - Cosmic Crisis is a game in which you make your way through a maze that contains demons. Your only weapon is the ability to set up traps by digging a hole in the floor, and fill it when a demon has been caught and before he has a chance to escape. When he is trapped, you must hammer him down through in order for him to fall. When all have been eliminated, you proceed to the next maze. Points are scored when demons fall through the holes. More points are scored when a demon falls through the holes (traps) on up to five floors. The hole fill back in if a demon escapes or is eliminated. You have four tries to complete each of the screens, but each screen is harder and faster. There are four levels of play for one or two players. Graphics and sound are very good.

DAM BUSTERS - It is early spring, 1943, and your mission is to fly deep into Nazi Germany to bomb a dam. If the mission is successful, several important power sources for the Reich will be destroyed and river traffic in the Ruhr Valley will come to a virtual standstill. The plane you fly is a Lancaster B. MK I/III (The Dambuster) with bombs that spin as they're dropped on the surface of the water. The plane has various view screens from the Pilot seat, navigator, front and tail gunner positions, etc., that allow you to control the craft and its many capabilities. Altimeter, airspeed, compass heading, and a map indicating your position all aid your mission. You begin with takeoff, throttling up the four engines and climbing to altitude. In flight you will fight of enemy aircraft and avoid flak. A challenging game with two different play options, one easier. Lots of action, graphics and sound effects.

DANCE FANTASY - An exciting dance game that lets children exercise their creative and imaginative talents. Guiding one or two dancers, your child can combine a variety of dance steps to produce their own original performances. Graceful twirls, daring leaps and amazing twists all add to the fun of creating and then showing that special dance fantasy to friends. The standard Hand Controller is used to select the dance steps, dancers, and positioning on screen. A dancer can combine up to four different movements in one dance step, e.g., a twirl, a leap, a twist and a slide from your start and finish points. A dancer can do as many as four consecutive repetitions of a movement in one dance step, e.g., four twirls between start and finish. Dances can be designed to last approximately 3 minutes. You're only limited by your imagination. Good graphics and sound, music.

DECATHLON - The goal here is to win, scoring as many points as you can in all ten events of the decathlon. Using the joystick to rapidly move left and right you register your relative strength on the strength bar scale at the bottom of the screen. Realistic figures compete in the 100-Meter Dash, Long jump, Shot put, High jump, 400-Meter race, 110-Meter hurdles, discus, Pole vault, javelin and 1500-Meter race. A real-time clock counts the minutes, seconds and fractions of seconds during races. Don't cross the scratch line either. Distance is measured and shown on-screen. Score determines whether you can win the bronze, silver or gold. Select practice or game for one or two players. Very good graphics, music and sound effects.

DEFENDER - As captain of the Spaceship Defender, your mission is to destroy the alien force and save the Humanoids before they are transformed to Mutants. Six different types of alien ships attack. The Landers search the planet for Humanoids to kidnap and mutate. If all the Humanoids are kidnaped and transformed, the entire planet explodes. Defender fires an unlimited supply of missiles to blast the alien ships. Three Smart Bombs are also available with the ability to destroy every alien in sight. And as a last resort, Defender can use Hyperspace to escape and reappear somewhere else on the screen. The scanner at the top of the screen locates you, the approaching aliens and Humanoids. Humanoids may be rescued and caught in midair for extra points. The game begins with three Defenders. For every 10,000 points achieved, you earn a new Smart Bomb and Defender. With each wave of aliens the battle becomes more furious. Play may be paused. Up to two players may play. The cartridge game will NOT play correctly on the ADAM Computer - there is no stick control for forward or backward movement. A corrected version os Defender IS available, however, on disk or datapack that will play and costs the same.

DESTRUCTOR - Your starcruiser is in search of precious Crystals in Araknid, a city on the planet Arthros. But Insektoids and the deadly Destructor roam the maze looking for you. Keep your eyes on the road because the acid river will disintegrate your car if you drive into it. Once you find the Krystaloid insects that become the Crystals, push them back to the ship. When Insektoids are encountered, however, you can fire the Crystals at them and eliminate them sacrificing the Crystal. But Destructor can only be stunned, he never stops his pursuit. Crystals can block his path temporarily, however. And remote teleporters may help you escape back to the ship in a a crisis, but you'll have to teleport back to the remote to continue your collection of crystals. Each round requires the collection of a certain number of crystals before you are returned to earth and the next round continues in a different location on Araknid. Night time scenes can occur, but less crystals are needed for the round. Four levels of skill for one player using the Driving Module #2. Sound allows you to hear danger approach. Pause available. Good graphics and sound effects.

DONKEY KONG - The ape has captured Mario's girlfriend and has taken her to the top of a steel fortress. You've got to get Mario to the top to save her. But as he runs across the girders and up the ladders, the ape throws barrels at him to prevent his progress. There are even fireballs that block his path. In defense, Mario pulls down his hammer, but time is running out. When he reaches the top, the ape takes his girlfriend to an even higher section where elevators must be mastered. Things just keep getting harder. Up to two players and four skill levels.

DONKEY KONG JUNIOR - Mario has locked up Papa Donkey Kong and Junior must hurry through a treacherous jungle to free him. Racing against time, Junior climbs and swings across vines and avoids dangerous creatures, all to reach a flashing key to release his Papa. If Junior succeeds at this mission, the scene changes. Junior must push keys to the top of long chains, once again avoiding clever opponents. If he completes this test, he must climb the vines again - this time it's tougher! Then he arrives at the high-flying jump board mission. Up to two players and four skill levels.

DR. SEUSS: FIX-UP THE MIX-UP PUZZLER - A zany combination of learning and fun designed for children ages 4"> - 10. The games provides favorite characters from the wacky world of Dr. Seuss that scramble to provide hours of unduplicated play while promoting problem-solving strategies, logic, pattern recognition, memory, and a variety of other early learning skills. Players can choose from five levels, ranging in difficulty from the very simple to the very complex. The object is to reassemble a scrambled picture of three characters, and in their original left to right order. Once assembled the characters animate. Some skill levels rotate the pieces, too, to present an even greater challenge, and the round is timed. The faster you're done the higher the score! Good graphics and sound effects.

DRAGON FIRE - In this game you are the valiant Knight who is on a quest to save the damsel in distress. But first you must get past the draw bridge protected by a fire breathing dragon shooting blasts of fire along the path. Once across, enter the dragon's chamber where you avoid the firey blasts while gathering objects to use in your quest. As you proceed, the challenges become more difficult. An archer will fire shaft after shaft at you. The dragon's chamber will contain a sword wielding foe looking for a fight, too. Arrows come shooting out of the walls and more surprises will come as you advance into the higher levels. And you can't leave the chamber until you've gathered all the objects! One or two players can begin on any of ten levels, 0 through 9. Completion of a round takes you to the next higher round. The game begins with five lives. Excellent graphics and good sound effects.

DUKES OF HAZZARD - Drive the General Lee through Hazzard County! You have to catch Jeremiah Stinge in the blue car up ahead. But watch your rearview mirror for Boss Hogg. He's hot on your trail! Using the Driving Module #2, you shift through four gears to high speed and the chase is on. Realist jumps over hills and bridges that are out. Hold the road as you take curves at high speed and avoid the potholes and other cars on the road or you'll spin out. Through the country and into and through the city, you'll have a blast with the Dukes of Hazzard, probably the most popular of all cartridge games for the Driving Module. Great graphics and sound effects. Pause available. For up to two players and four skill levels.

ESCAPE FROM THE MINDMASTER - Originally an Atari game version, but came to the Colecovision in original, if not better, form. This is a maze type game in which objects are picked up as you avoid the nasty creatures and traps.

EVOLUTION - The object of this game is to advance up the evolutionary chain to become a human. To attain this goal you will have to go through a total of six distinctly different evolutionary steps. Starting as an amoeba you will face spores, microbes and antibodies which will attempt to catch you. If anything that moves should touch you, you loose a life. Your only defense against your attackers is a limited supply of shields. Eat all the DNA and advance to the next level, the Tadpole. While fish try to eat you, you must feed on three elusive water flies to advance to a Rodent. Eat cheese while burrowing around a network of caves while avoiding snakes. Next comes the Beaver, then the Gorilla, and finally Human. There are three skill levels plus a fourth level that is a demo game. One player only.

FACEMAKER - Anyone three years old and older will enjoy this program as they learn to use the computer. Children can build a variety of faces from the assortment of facial parts and then animate them, making eyes wink or cry, ears wiggle, the tongue stick out, and faces smile or frown. A memory game can also be played in which the computer will animate the face with a particular sequence of winks, ear wiggles, and frowns. The child has to press the appropriate keyboard keys to repeat the exact same sequence.

FALL GUY - In this game you are Colt Seavers, bounty hunter and stuntman extrodinaire. The object of the game is to put the bad guys in jail. Drive your pick-up truck and find them first while maintaining the proper speed in speed zones or when encountering obstacles like ramps and flaming roads. Once you find a bad guy, the screen changes from the highway to the inside of a building where you enter from the top and make your way to the bottom to arrest the criminal. Jump over the obstacles while landing on your feet as you go. The game begins with $1950 and a full tank of gas. Your cash is reduced with each fill-up or hazard you encounter. Use the hand controller to accelerate, turn left or right, brake, turn the car around, run/jump left or right, and jump forward. One player. Good graphics, especially in the inside of the buildings.

FATHOM - The object of this game is to free Neptune's daughter by finding the missing pieces of the Trident. Above ground you soar as a seagull touching the clouds while avoiding the black birds. Under the sea you become a dolphin while avoiding seaweed, omi nous sharks, deadly octopuses and other threatening fish. A compass will direct you, and special help leads you to find the missing pieces. The challenge continues to the next sea with the solution to each challenge. One player uses the controller in five skill levels.

FINAL SYSTEM TEST - Coleco's in house final Adam Computer System test program. Provides a menu of individual tests for proper function of all key elements and circuitry in the Adam Computer System including: Keyboard, Printer, Hand Controllers, Console Datadrives, Internal RAM and ROM memory, and Video Graphics.

FLIPPER SLIPPER - This action game of Video Pinball allows you to move two flippers, even tilting them to keep the ball in play. It is a super-fast action with a target fence that requires pinpoint control. A moving bumper deflects your ball as you play. Points are scored by clearing the forest, freeing the dog by hitting each link in the gate, and hitting the beach, beach house, turtle, fish, and crabs. Beaches change color, requiring you to color-coordinate with your flipper. And finally, a dam burst and floods the field of action, ending the game. Using the hand controller to position and tilt the flippers allows precise control of the ball, even imparting a spin to help control it. When the score reaches certain levels, rebounding becomes more difficult. There are five balls to begin play, four skill levels for up to two players. Graphics, sound and music are great.

FOOTBALL (SuperAction Controllers Only) - Probably the best football game available when used with the SA Controllers. You can play one player offense, computer defense or Heat to Heat. Eight men teams have three that may be controlled (the rest by computer). Plays are selected and run against defensive formations. Extra points are kicked. Excellent graphics and realism. Score, down and distance remaining, and time are displayed at the top of screen.

FORTUNE BUILDER - Race against time as you build and run your own community in this one or two player game that is fun and educational. Your community will be laid out on a map of undeveloped land, consisting of a seacoast with beachfront, two mountain ranges, midlands, a river and a lake, with a main highway running north and south. You'll start with a fixed amount of cash, enabling you to buy and build a large variety of properties: hotels, condos, marinas, factories, malls, gas stations and numerous other facilities. The challenge is to build them where they will draw the most traffic, thereby increasing profits. And all the while, you must keep an eye on bulletins that may affect your efforts, watching for changes in everything from consumer trends to the weather. You'll learn problem solving as Fortune Builder helps you learn, in a way that is both fun and realistic, about economics, geography, sociology, investments and the effects of the environment and current events on industry and the marketplace. Four skill levels for up to two players (played simultaneously) using joysticks for control. Includes both an instruction and strategy guide.

FRACTION FEVER - An exciting learning game that combines educational value with fun for the entire family. The game begins as you hop along on your pogo stick searching for the picture representation that matches the fraction at the top of the screen. The fraction picture will be placed on the floor you are presently on at a location indicated by the fraction (e.g., two-thirds along the floor for the fraction 2/3). When you reach the spot, press the side button to ride the elevator up to the next available floor above you where you will again find and correctly indicate the fraction to ride even higher. The higher level floors provide greater point values. Miss the answer and a hole appears to let you fall to the next level below you where a floor exists. Floors are different lengths and will not usually be directly under or above you. There is a time limit before the elevator will leave without you. If this happens you must drop to a lower floor. Fraction Fever helps develop an understanding of what a fraction is, using numerical and visual representations to demonstrate relationships between different fractions. There are twenty floors. Points are scored by knocking out incorrect fraction pictures, but if you fall through you loose a pogo stick. You begin the game with ten pogo sticks. You also have a view of three floors at the bottom of the screen showing your position and the position of the floors below and above you. Gaps in the floors can be jumped. Good graphics and sound. One player only.

FRANTIC FREDDY - As a fireman you must extinguish the apartment building fire using squirts of water aimed at fire visible in the windows at each floor. Each small fire takes six squirts. There is also falling debris and the most dangerous moving fires, of which there are two types: red fire particles which must be extinguished first, and magenta fire particles which chase you and cannot be extinguished until the red fires are out. The toughest part of all is rescuing poor trapped cats by putting out the fires and catching them as they fall from the windows. There are two mode screens. The first mode allows only vertical release of water, while mode two allows horizontal shooting. In mode one fire particles drop and can be shot out with one squirt. Fires only appear in windows and you stay on one floor without being able to climb convenient pipes to the next floor. In mode two you can climb, however, and there is no falling debris, but the fire particles are ever moving and chasing you. Sometimes fires even reignite. If a door begins to flash, you can escape through it if you are fast. One or two players enjoy four skill levels in a game of nice graphics and music. Begin with five firemen. Each level has the two screen modes to challenge you.

FRENZY - Trapped in a bizarre, alien high-tech structure and surrounded by robots, your Commando moves from cell to cell as you face a band of deadly mechanical monsters. Odd marching skeletons clunk toward you, robotic tanks trundle into position, and you face your enemy and fire or be doomed by their fatal touch or blast. Eliminate all automatons and proceed to the next assembly. Some cell walls ricochet your blasts and your enemy's, too. Then comes Evil Otto, the bouncing menace who passes through walls and destroys any creature on contact. It takes three shots to eliminate him, but here he comes again, each time faster until you must run through the escape door to stay alive. The structure is made up of both dot and ricochet walls. The dots can be blasted away and provide a clear shot by you and the enemy. Shoot in eight directions. Each time you egress from one maze into an entirely new maze until you eventually find mazes with feature cells: Big Otto, Power Plant, Computer and Robot Factory. Disable them to earn extra points, but stay alert since some features offer a surprise when disabled. Five commandos to begin with, and earn a new commando with the first 1000 points, and one for every 2000 points thereafter. Lots of special features, good graphics and sound. One or two players in four skill levels. Select standard hand controller use, or Super Action Controllers. Pause control.

FROGGER - Cross the street full of traffic and then the stream of logs and swimming turtles to get home. But traffic is heavy in both directions, so you'll have to hop fast. Then jump on a turtle's back. Be careful, some turtles submerge as they swim along. Next hop to a log as it floats the other way, and then to a turtle, and again to a log before you line up with your frog's home. There are five frogs to get home before you go to the next screen's challenge. In each screen there is a time limit, so don't be slow. If you can catch them, there are bonus points appearing at the different frog homes, too. Things speed up as the game progresses. You can start at slow or fast, one or two players, and with or without music playing. Five frog lives begin the game. More surprises await as snakes slither along to eat you if they can, and more. Frogger is fun for all ages. Good graphics and music/sound effects. Standard hand controller control, left, right, forward and back. Watch out for alligators.

FROGGER II - This time Mr. Frog must swim from the bottom past deadly foes to get to three moving home bases. Hitch a ride on a passing turtle or catch bubbles before they surface to get extra points. If you try to put a frog in an occupied home, a new screen appears in which your frog must hop onto lily pads, alligators, ducklings (watch out for momma duck), etc., on the way to the surface where a boat tows your home. When you have fill this home you will return to the first screen and again hop into a filled home which returns you again to the second screen. This time jump on momma duck's back, however, you find yourself in the clouds where you can jump higher and higher until you hitch a ride from bird to bird until you reach a lofty home above. When you are successful, all your frog homes will again be reset to empty and game play will continue. After filling the first three homes, the next screen reveals two homes being towed by the boat that must both be filled. The game continues as before, becoming more challenging and full of surprises as you go. One or two at the beginning of the game selects the skill level. The current is stronger in level two with more surprises. Good graphics and music/sound effects.

FRONTLINE - Battlefield combat in which you, the soldier, march through enemy lines firing at the opposing enemy as you search out the enemy command post. Once through the initial attach, find and enter one of two type tanks (one shoots shells and the other is a machine gun) to oppose other tanks in combat. Avoid mines and barricades. If your tank is hit you will be blown out if you do not eject, and you must find another tank quickly while using your only foot soldier defense against enemy tanks - the hand grenade. As you surge through the battlefield, different types of terrain will be encountered that will include water with bridges to enable you to cross, and rocks and walls to hide behind. Graphics and sound are excellent. Frontline is made for use with SuperAction Controllers, but Standard hand controllers can be used (press one and four to enter/exit your tank or throw grenades. One and Zero together rotates aimaim in a counter clockwise direction, the right side button in clockwise direction). The game is much easier to play with the SA controller, however. For one or two players, four skill levels.

GALAXIAN - A Space Invader type game with much more. Your game objective is to destroy the Galaxian fleet before it destroys you. The attack comes in successions of accelerating waves. Use the control stick to move left and right to avoid enemy fire, and shoot back! The longer you survive, the more surprises you're in for - you never know what the Galaxian fleet has up their sleeves. Pause feature. One or two players in three different skill levels. Good graphics and sound effects.

GATEWAY TO APSHAI - A one player action-adventure in which you, the heir of Apshai's greatest warrior, are trying to find and reclaim a safe passageway through an underground labyrinth to the fabled lost Temple of Apshai. There are eight levels to complete with 99 dungeons available as you score as many points as possible. Each dungeon has 60 rooms, making a total of over 40,000 different rooms to explore. You complete each level by moving your figure on the screen with the control stick, through a dungeon maze, fighting of monsters and avoiding traps as you pick up treasures. You begin the game with five lives. Explore each level as much as possible within the approximate six and one-half minutes allotted before you must go to a new level. The keypad allows you to fight, select the weapon of choice, drop an item, use keys, use search spell, locate traps, check status of your characteristics (Strength, Agility, Luck, Health, and Lives), check supplies, check weapons, and go on to the next level. The longer you play, the tougher it gets. Good graphics and fair sound effects.

GORF - A fast paced action shoot 'em up game that is challenging and fun. Choose up to four skill levels and two players as you do battle against a fleet of Gorf's robot ships. With each mission it gets harder to clear the sky of robot ships and laser ships. The first wave of attack comes as you are protected by an electromagnetic shield that deteriorates with each shot they fire. If they reach the shield it is eliminated and you must rely on fast and deadly aim to wipe out their fleet. Once done, you face laser ships that dive through deep space to attack. Then Gorf sends robots that hurl radiation bombs as they materialize from the warp's tunnel. Finally, you must face the Flagship, protected by an electromagnetic field. Clear a hole in it and aim for the ship's reactor or it will not explode. Success brings promotion in rank, and again you face faster and more clever enemy robots. Begin the game with five fighters and earn a bonus fighter when you complete the first round. Good graphics and excellent sound effects.

GRAPHICS DESIGN CARTRIDGE - Coleco's in house graphic design program to create Sprites and Graphics used in Coleco Game Cartridges. The program utilizes a disk drive save function to save graphic creations. Very little documentation has been available, and none is available with this cartridge.

GUST BUSTER - A game with four levels of play for one player. The object is to inflate four balloons with enough helium to float along a journey. Avoid obstacles, fireworks, airplanes, etc., and gain bonus points by deflating and inflating the four balloons to land in crowds that buy the balloons. You begin with 25 balloons to sell, and each new player begins with 25 new balloons. The four balloons that allow you to float can carry you to the upper level with a light left to right wind, mid-level with a strong right to left wind, and the lower level where wind is light from the left. Hit an obstacle or land in the wrong place and you loose one of your four lives. The game gets harder as you continue"> -- the elephant throw peanuts at you, and the fountain sprays up in the air. Your score and number of balloons still available for sale are shown at the top of the screen. Good graphics and sound effects.

GYRUSS - The object of the game is to make the journey from beyond Neptune to the sanctuary of Earth, defeating enemy planes, avoiding meteors and satellites, and reaching interim planets along the way. In order to reach a planet, you must survive a given number of warps. A warp consists of four enemy plane formations and their regrouping. These formations guard each planet in route to Earth to keep out alien visitors like yourself. It takes two warps to reach Neptune and 3 warps to reach each of the subsequent planets. Once you reach a planet you will have a Chance Stage in which you get to shoot enemy planes for bonus points, and they can't shoot back! Then it off to the next planet. The game is diffefferent in that you fly in a circular 360 degree pattern around the screen, firing to the center of the screen. The game ends when you lose your last spaceship. If you reach Earth, you'll continue the game with Neptune as the first stop once again. One or two players can play four different skill levels. Great graphics, sound effects and music is provided courtesy of Johann Sebastian Bach's Tocatta and Fugue in D Minor.

HEIST - The object of the game is to find a micro dot containing top secret information. The dot is attached to one of the pieces of art found in the 90 rooms in the museum. The mission is complete after the last piece of art is collected. The game begins with a tour in which you will be able to see the rooms in level one, and some of the objects. Each screen has three floors, and the screen scrolls as you run through the rooms. An escalator takes you down, and an elevator from any floor to another. You must jump over dangerous robot guards (that include monitors, Drones, and sweepers), stompers, and narrow openings in the floor. Keys must be collected to unlock doors. There are three levels with two difficulty levels to complete in the game. There is a time limit for each level. Your score, remaining time, number of keys, and remaining lives are at the top of the screen. The game begins with three lives available. Extra lives are awarded with each 20,000 points with 60K being the last awarded. Good graphics, sound effects and music (which can be turned on or off). Pause.

H.E.R.O. - Helicopter Emergency Rescue Operation. You must reach miners trapped miles under the surface of the earth. Use the Prop-pack to maneuver through a maze of mine shafts. Blast vile vermin with the microlaser beam. Dynamite wall and negotiate across the lethal lava flow. Rescue all the miners you can before running our of lives or power. The games begins with four lives, and an additional life is awarded for every 20,000 points earned. Power begins to diminish when you move the control stick. If power runs out and a reserve life remains, you return to the top of that level. Select from five game numbers that randomly enter you into different levels. Score points by shooting critters, dynamiting a wall, rescuing miners, and for dynamite sticks remaining when a miner is rescued. The higher the level number, the more each power unit is worth, and you earn points for units of power remaining, too. Find your way through the caves. Ride the raft across a river when it appears. Hover and fly as you shoot using your Microlaser Beam. Great graphics and sound effects.

HORSE RACING - They're off and running! This horse racing game puts you right at the track - with realistic sound effects and authentic action. Watch the board as the odds change. Place your bet and the horses start out the gate - race around the bend - then jockey for position on the straightaway. Which horse will win, place or show? For the next race the computer changes the entries and if you want, even the track conditions! It's a different race every time! [NOT AVAILABLE - NEVER RELEASED]

ILLUSIONS - Takes place in a Kingdom where nothing is as it seems and where the usual is unusual. Control the Gleebs (Amoeba-like creatures) as they move along stairs and paths that go nowhere, making them jump from path to path in the hope of combining all Gleebs into one Gleeb that can pass through the mirror into the next weird, cubic land. Gleebs must then be separated before being able to pass through the mirror again one at a time to escape. While it is difficult to combine and separate the Gleeb, there is also a time limit which can be altered. Lizards, fish and birds all cause the time to be lost or added when encountered during the game. Once the Gleebs have all escaped, a new crew of four convenes in the Kingdom's first phase with new challenges. The control stick allows the Gleebs to change direction, side buttons make the Gleeb jump up or down at particular points in the maze. The game may be paused, and the music muted (but not the sound effects). Four levels of play are available for one or two players. Great graphics and sound.

JAMES BOND 007 - In this game you are James Bond on an adventure of four clandestine, utterly critical, and nearly impossible missions. You are at the controls of a specially designed multi-purpose craft that boasts extraordinary capabilities. It has the properties of a car, a plane and a submarine, and it is equipped with the latest weaponry. Shoot ahead and drop flare bombs below as you avoid enemy fire and fight back. The flare bombs provide light to see targets in the dead of night, as does shooting satellites above. Jump over bomb craters and explosions, or dive under the ocean to avoid sudden death. Once you have accomplished the first mission, continue on with the remaining crafts into mission two. The four missions are based on four movies: DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER, THE SPY WHO LOVED ME, MOONRAKER, and FOR YOUR EYES ONLY. If you are successful in all four missions, you will receive the highest agent rating and scored for missions accomplished and crafts remaining. Two levels of play are available for one or two players. Music and graphics are excellent.

JUKE BOX - A musical strategy game that's kind of a cross between a chess match and a dance contest. During the game the jukebox plays music, but to keep the music playing you must create gold records. Play commences on a board of twenty squares, five across and four down. Using the joystick, move one square at a time including diagonally. In each square you occupy will appear a record. When you move to a square with a record in it, the record becomes larger, larger still, and then Gold IF it is a flashing square or back to empty if it is not flashing. However, you can only jump onto a record that is the same size or smaller than the one you jump from. This is where the game becomes interesting and a nice challenge. Once squares turn into gold records, it is reflected at the bottom of the screen as gold coins. The gold records continue to appear on the board throughout the game. New empty squares begin flashing that may be turned into gold records. The jukebox will use your coins to buy more playing time. A music meter times your moves. If you run out of time or coins the game ends. But, you can also block yourself so that jumping is no longer possible, and the game ends. One or two players can enjoy this game. The instruction manual also gives a history of music from the 20's through the 80's. Great graphics and, of course, music.

JUMPMAN JUNIOR - This game is full of variety and suspense. There are 12 different game levels and from one to four players may play in 8 speed levels. The object is to successfully find and defuse every bomb on each level while coping with the fire power of the Alienators. Using the joystick, move or jump jumpman through the structure of ladders, hanging ropes, elevators, etc., while avoiding the bullets that are fast and sneaky. Bombs are visible on the screen, and only require a brief touch to be defused. Once all bombs are defused, the next screen is revealed with new challenges. Strategy is needed in order to reach all the bombs, too, so it will take some time to figure the best routes. Nice graphics and music, sound effects.

JUNGLE HUNT - You and your traveling companion are enjoying a leisurely jungle safari when suddenly you were accosted by two savage cannibals! And now they've spirited away your lady friend and plan to cook her up for supper. You have an idea where they've taken her. It's just through the forest of hanging ropes, across a crocodile infested river, up a hill through a landslide of boulders, and on to the cannibal' campsite. Using your hand controller and precise timing you can make it. You have six chances to rescue her with three skill levels for one or two players. The game may be paused. The more advanced rounds have obnoxious monkeys on the ropes to push you off. The crocodiles are treacherous, but can be stabbed. Diving helps allude them, but keep an eye on the diving meter to make sure you don't run out of air! Boulders may be jumped or ducked under. As you enter the camp, your companion is steadily lowered toward the hot cauldron. You must jump cannibals to reach her, jumping to her rescue at just the right time. Earn additional chances with higher scores. Very nice graphics and music, sound effects.

KEYSTONE KAPERS - Help Keystone Kelly nab the crook. As the security scanner at the bottom of the screen shows, the crook is robbing Southwick's Emporium - a three story building. You can see on which level and where he is located. Take the elevator up to the floor he is on, escalators down, but he is fast and can change levels once you arrive on the floor he is on. But as you run after him, watch out for beachballs, shopping carts, and radios because if you don't jump quickly enough you will loose time off the countdown clock. You must find and capture the crook before the clock runs out of time. And, if you don't duck under the biplanes when they appear, you'll loose a man. You also loose a man if the crook escapes from the roof or you run out of time. With each capture, the next screen becomes increasing more difficult with more objects to avoid. Keystone Kapers is a one player game with no choice of skill levels, but the game begins easy and progressively gets harder. Great graphics and lots of fun.

KUNG FU SUPERKICKS - Here's your chance to match up with the dreaded Ninja in your attempt to rescue a famous leader being kept prisoner in an ancient monastery. As you start out, you have a White Belt and must succeed to master the karate martial arts and achieve a Black Belt in order to enter the monastery. There are seven game screens in the game, a scrolling path to the monastery, and each of the fight screens are in close-up perspective. Moves include: thrust kick, punch, left and right forearm block, and left and right somersault superkicks - depending on the game screen being played. The Ninjas become smarter, being able to take more blows and appear and disappear at different times in order to avoid your blows. Ninjas may also throws stars which you must avoid. Good graphics and sound effects. One or two players play independently.

LADY BUG - Based on the arcade game, this game features a fast- paced adventure in which you must use strategy to steer your Lady Bug through a maze, dodging hungry predatory insects. Use turnstiles to change the maze and block their pursuit. Lady Bug gathers points and bonuses by eating dots, hearts and vegetables. Special letters are scattered about the maze that periodically change from blue to yellow to red briefly. Gathering these letters during the periods of yellow or red will help you spell the words EXTRA or SPECIAL. Extra, when spelled completely, will award you an extra Lady Bug. Special, when spelled, will award you a round that allows you to gather vegetables without threat, earning bonus points and an extra Lady Bug. There are also Skulls which must be avoided during each round. Lady Bug is popular with children and adults alike. There are four skill levels for one or two players. Great graphics and sound. A real hit!

LEARNING WITH LEEPER - This award winning cartridge is a learning experience for children. This collection of four games is tailored to meet the needs of the child who cannot read, providing a variety of basic skill levels including some into which your child can grow. Your child will develop number concepts and reading and writing readiness skills. Included are Dog Count, Balloon Pop, Leap Frog, and Screen Painting. In Dog Count the object is to feed the correct number of bones to the corresponding number of dogs. Animated feedback indicate correct or incorrect responses. Balloon Pop is a six level game in which the object is to match the display shape by moving the balloon to the corresponding shape at the bottom. In Leap Frog the object is to move the frog through the maze with minimal wall collisions. Each successive maze is more challenging. And Screen Painting allows the child to paint a variety of uncolored pictures using a pallet of colors. Creative play is enhanced when children are able to express their own ideas graphically. All input is made using the Joystick Control. Good graphics and sound. One player.

LINKING LOGIC - A Fisher-Price cartridge that challenges children to improve their logical reasoning and planning skills, helping develop a child's ability to approach and solve problems. A child learns to identify different ways to approach a problem, plan actions to be taken, and evaluate the outcome of a solution. "Tools" are placed along a path to guide Buddy or Betty down through five floors of a building. Along the way, your child helps the character collect the patterned tiles that are missing from the bottom floor. There are four levels and each level has four rounds. High levels challenge your child to place ladders, walls, double and single bridges, springs, and boxes more skillfully and to collect a greater variety of patterned tiles. Points are scored by skillfully using the tools (placing them in holes in the floor, or on floors under holes, or along the floors where there are no holes), and planning a path to help the child collect all the tiles that are missing from the bottom floor. When all the tiles are collected you go on to the bonus round where you can score extra points, then continue to the next round. Good graphics and sound effects.

LOGIC LEVELS - Logic Levels provides players with the opportunity to exercise logic and planning skills in exciting and challenging ways. Players learn to position "tools" throughout the building to create a path that directs a rolling ball past numerous prizes. But only careful and creative planning will get you to the highest score. Fisher-Price Learning Software is designed to make it easy for children to learn through creative play, needing little more than imagination and a joystick. The "TOOLS" consist of the Bridge (for holes in the floor), Wall (to close off a section of floor), Spring (to bounce you back up a level), and Paint Can (changes the color of the ball). After tools are placed in the six level maze, the ball drops in and rolls to the bottom through holes, gates, and floor panels that disappear after being rolled over. Once the ball begins rolling, it is possible to open and close a bridge, or raise or lower a wall using the joystick. Springs can relay the ball up levels and keep the action going for as long as time (energy) exists. Finish the round when the ball exits the bottom of the maze, and before energy runs out, however, to move to the next screen maze. You are rewarded with more time when you use a spring. There are many creative ways to score even more points, as revealed in the instruction booklet. Good graphics and sound effects.

LOOPING - Strap on your goggles, rev up the engines and take off! Your LOOPING plane soars over a world unlike any you've ever imagined. Fire bullets into a rocket station to open the gate to the next section of airspace, but beware of launched balloons. Test your flying accuracy and sense of direction by steering your plane through a maze of pipes. Stranger perils await. There are rooms full of green drops, twinkle monsters and bouncing balls. Outsmart them all and reach the end where you start over with even greater perils. Press the left side controller fire button to accelerate from low to high speed. Use the Joy Stick to control up and down movement. Four skill levels allows all to play and have fun. For one or two players. Great graphics and sound.

M.A.S.H. - You are Hawkeye Pierce, Chief Medical Surgeon of the 4077th M*A*S*H. Your responsibilities include rescuing injured men from the battlefield and performing surgery in the operating room. You pilot your chopper low through the trees, avoiding shells fired at you from a North Korean tank, picking up the wounded and rushing them back to the hospital. The pressure really starts to get heavy as time is running out for the injured men and you must operate. You must work fast as you compete with your fellow surgeon, Trapper John McIntyre. The game begins and you select from four types of game: Welcome to Korea, Operating Room, Copter Pilot, and Heavy Flak. There are four skill levels for two players in each type game. In the first Game you first pick up injured soldiers from the battlefield using a copter. Press the side button to rise into the air, and direct the joystick to the battlefield. Again press the side button to land at the soldier and he is aboard. Avoid enemy tank fire (if you are hit you are temporarily downed) and race to beat the second copter to pick up as many injured as possible, then fly back and unload. Next you will operate, skillfully moving to the bullet lodged in the soldier and carefully moving it along the path without touching outside the maze. For each successful operation, you are awarded a save. Press the pound sign to bring back the menu and choose the three other type games, all individual portions of the first game. Very good graphics and good sound effects.

MEMORY MANOR - Fisher-Price Learning Software that challenges children to improve their visual memory skills. In Memory Manor, a rain shower smudges the windows of two buildings and your child must rely on memory to recall which windows hold prizes and which hold frowning faces. The maze consists of two six story building with three windows per story, a total of 36 windows. With the help of Wee Willie the window washer, your child sets out to wash the prize windows. Before beginning to wash the windows, however, you must fill six of the twelve containers with window wash. To do this, fly the helicopter to a container and press the side button to fill it automatically. Wee Willy will need to use a sponge full of solution to wash windows (up to five per full sponge), and the squeegee sound associated with window washing get higher and higher when more solution is needed. The game begins after the rain shower messes up all the windows. Use the helicopter to place Wee Willy anywhere you wish to start, fill the sponge, and begin washing windows. The better the child's memory, the more solution is left over in full containers and bonus points will be given. Once all the prizes have been found behind each of the two buildings, the next round will begin where a greater number of prizes are revealed. And in level 3, the sun can go down before all the prizes are found, ending the game. The game can be started on any of the three skill levels. Good graphics and sound effects.

METEORIC SHOWER - A space invader type game in which you blast aliens as they swoop in and out, under and above you, flying in circles and in no particular pattern. Your ship can fly from the bottom of the screen up about one-half of the way and left and right, firing up or down to destroy enemy ships as they fly in from off-screen bottom, top, left and right. Your fire will eliminate enemy fire, too, but you can be destroyed by contacting the enemy ship or their fire which may drift onscreen for quite a while. In the upper right corner is a planet banded by a ring, and stars that twinkle in the blackness of space. As you destroy all the enemy in one round, a new round begins afresh after your high score is posted. Two players can play four skill levels. The sound effects and graphics are good, the action is fast and furious.

MINER 2049er - The objective is to survive all 11 game levels in succession without being destroyed (the game is over when the third man is destroyed). A framework is depicted on screen that must be masked (running Bounty Bob over the framework to indicate it has all been highlighted). You can walk forward or backward, jump up, climb ladders and slide down slides. Miner tools are placed at different locations and levels of the framework that can be taken when encountered. Mutants also roam the framework and can be eliminated briefly after a tool has been taken. The game allows two players to begin play, and each level progressively becomes more difficult. Elevators, Lillipads/lifts, radioactive pools, hydraulic pumps, stompers, cannons all come into play in the 11 game levels. The game can be paused and the sound muted. Extra men are awarded upon reaching scores of 10000, 30000, and 50000 points. Sound and graphics are good.

MONKEY ACADEMY - An educational game in which math quiz is integrated with game play to teach addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Like an arcade game, Monkey Academy allows the child to control the monkey with his or her joystick - jumping and running to find the correct answer (pulling down shades that contain a number) while avoiding the crab and running out of time. Colorful animation and graphics at different skill levels keep the child's attention during the selected type of math drills. A demonstration mode begins the game if there is delay in choosing the number of players; one or two players may play. Great graphics, music and sound effects.

MONTEZUMA'S REVENGE - In this game you are Panama Joe, a daredevil for which no risk is too great if the reward's large enough. The object is to safely reach Montezuma's fantastic treasure by getting through a maze of death-dealing chambers within the emperor's fortress. Along the way you must avoid an array of deadly creatures while collecting valuables and other tools which can aid him in mastering the evils of the fortress and escaping with the loot. Each screen is very detailed and paths and ladders lead to the screen edge where a new screen scrolls in to reveal new objects, enemies and challenges. An inventory window in the upper left corner reveals the tools collected (e.g., a sword, torch, or a key). There are various room fixtures: Laser Gates which must be avoided as they appear and disappear, Conveyor Belts which speed up and slow down, Disappearing Floors where a fall may be fatal, Doors that are colored either red, blue or gray and may only be opened when the correct colored key is obtained, Fire Pits that must be jumped or maneuvered around, Ladders to travel up or down from one level to another, Poles that allow you to slide down one level, and Chains that are much like ladders. Killer Creatures include Skulls that bounce or roll along, Snakes, and Spiders that can even climb ladders. The Special Tools and Rewards include Amulets, Jewels, Keys, Swords, and Torches. There are three skill levels. One nice feature is being able to continue your game (skill level 1) where you left off after loosing all six lives, maintaining your objects but starting your score over. The game requires lots of forethought and cunning to stay alive and reach the treasure. Great graphics and good sound effects.

MOON PATROL - Originally an Atari game that features the moon buggy bouncing across the moon surface while evading craters and obstacles along with the pot shots of enemy saucers. Fire your gun to blow up obstacles and saucers, and use your jets to bounce over those craters. Lots of fun and probably the most played of all cross over Atari games on the Colecovision. Versions vary - some copies have taken liberties with the title - but the game is intact and very enjoyable.

MOONSWEEPER - The object of this game is to reach and rescue miners stranded on moons in the four galaxies of Quadrant Jupiter. Deadly meteor showers, comets, alien vessels and space debris are at lethal levels and must be destroyed or evasive action taken. Land on all the moons in as many of the galaxies as you can reach, but avoid colliding with lunar landmarks and Orbital launchers that patrol and fire missiles. The perspective of this game is quite different - more 3-D. You control your ship as it is seen orbiting above the planet, and as a moon passes you touch it to land. You control velocity, banking, and laser fire. Radar shows you where the next miner will appear. Fuel is indicated and consumed very slowly. A forcefield protects you while in orbit by pulling back on the stick, but it uses fuel very rapidly. As each moon is completed, one-third tank of fuel is provided. You indicators tell you how many moons remain in the orbit, and you continue to land and remove miners while avoiding Orbital Launchers and the Surface Destroyers they release to destroy you. When five miners have been rescued you can fly through Accelerator Rings to get up enough speed to break away from that moon's gravity. Extra Moonsweeper ships are awarded for every 10,000 points you score. The Moonsweeper is controlled using the hand controller stick, very sensitive but realistic. Different Galaxies are selected at the beginning of the game to select the game variations and difficulty, depending on the color of the moon you land on. Blue moons are the easiest, red the most difficult. Galaxy 1000 contains only blue and green moons, while Galaxy 9000 contains additionally yellow and red moons. There are four Galaxies, 1000, 3000, 6000, and 9000. The 3-dimensional graphics are excellent, and sound effects very good. This is one game that will not be disappointing.

MOTORCROSS RACER - Race against time in bone-jarring off-road motorcycle racing in three events. First you must qualify in the Desert Scramble where you race across the desert avoiding the cactus, desert creatures, rocks, etc., in a race of speed and time. Hit an object and your dirt bike slows down. Hit too many and you won't qualify for the next race, the Hill Climb. It is a tortuous race up a switchback mountain full of obstacles. Speed is important, but control is vital or you'll be out of the race. Qualify with a fast time and you're in the Beach Sprint against other qualifiers in an all-out dash for the championship. At the bottom of the screen you see your elapsed time, record time, MPH, Gear you're in, RPM, Elapsed Distance, and Penalty Time. You shift gears by pressing button 1, 2 or 3 while increasing RPM using the left side fire button. Brake using the right side fire button. The Control stick moves you left and right, up and own on the screen. The motorcycle actually leans as you move the stick to avoid obstacles and go through gates. A warning beep will sound when a gate of cones is about to appear; missing them gets you penalty time. The screens are quite visual to give a good impression of movement and control. A maximum of five crashes are allowed per race, and the motorcycle is repaired prior to each of the three races. There are three skill levels for selection at the beginning of the race. Give your cycle too many RPMs and the engine will blow. Top speed is 100 MPH. If you crash you will skid to a stop and it will be necessary to begin in first gear again. In the final race, Beach Sprint, you will encounter dune buggy drivers in addition to other obstacles that must be avoided. Graphics and sounds effects are excellent.

MOUNTAIN KING - The object is to capture the Golden Crown of the Temple and carry it safely to the top of the mountain before your time expires and/or you are destroyed. As the explorer you use the joystick to maneuver throughout the mountain, going left or right and jumping from plateau to plateau. In order to gain entry into the Temple, you must be in possession of the Flame Spirit. Your flashlight is used to find the Treasure Chests and to confirm the location of the Flame Spirit. But you must first collect over 1,000 points worth of diamonds, embedded in the cavern walls throughout the mountain. Cave Bats inhabit the caves of the mountain, serving to protect both the Temple and its Golden Crown. The Giant Spider lurks at the bottom of the mine with a web to catch you. You can escape if you are quick. Treasure Chests are randomly hidden throughout the depths of the mountain, visible only with the flashlight. It is filled with diamonds to add to your score. The Skull Spirit guards the entrance to the Temple, but will grant you entrance when you possess the Flame Spirit and quickly enter. Once inside the Temple you must scale the walls to get to the Golden Crown and bonus points. Once you have placed the crown on your head, theme music will play that indicates you must make tracks to the top of the mountain where the Perpetual Flame burns before time runs out or before the Cave Bats steal the Crown from you. Special features include Ladders used to go up and down, Flashlight to see various objects, and the Scoring Display that indicates your current score and the amount of time remaining in the game. Music is one of the most critical and exciting elements since it indicates how close you are to the Flame Spirit by the volume, and the time you have after receiving the Golden Crown. Sound also indicates the approach of the Giant Spider. Time is a critical element, depending on which of the eight skill levels you are playing. The time provided is less in higher levels. Good graphics and sound effects.

MOUSE TRAP - Based on the arcade game, Mouse Trap is a game that is popular with children and adults alike. The cheese-chomping mouse is moved above a maze, opening and shutting maze doors to escape the pursuing cats while collecting cheese and bonus objects. Eat a bone, then turn your mouse temporarily into a cat-biting dog that sends the cat to jail temporarily. The keypad is used to control many functions. Buttons 1, 2 and 3 control gates in the maze that are red, yellow or blue in color. Pressing 5 changes your mouse into a dog when you posses bones as indicated at the top of the screen. Bones are collected from the maze, along with bonus prizes and points. Bonus prizes appear one at a time in certain locations on the screen. You complete the maze by clearing the maze of dots. You then go on to a new maze and even livelier action. Each player begins with three mice, and each time your score reaches a multiple of 40,000 you win a bonus mouse (up to five at a time). Therefore, it is important to try to get all the bonus points, including a 10,000 point bonus when you have eaten all the cheeses in a maze. In the center of the maze is an "IN" box that allows you to escape and randomly appear in one of the four corners of the maze. It should be used with caution since a cat could also be in one corner, too. There are four skill levels for one or two players. The music and graphics are very good, lending to the enjoyment of the game, especially for children.

MR. DO - Guide Mr. Do as he tries to harvest his orchard before the evil Bad Guys can catch him. Mow a path to the cherries and start picking. When the bad guys start coming, throw a Power Ball to squelch him. Apples can be pushed on top of Bad Guys, too, to squash their pursuit. They freeze for a few moments allowing you to dash to the center of the screen and capture the treat. But there are three Blue Chompers and an Alphamonster that must be avoided and eliminated. Eliminate all five Alphamonsters to spell E-X-T-R-A and win an extra Mr. Do. Bad guys can transform into Diggers that can dig through the grass, too. Sometimes a special treasure springs up in the orchard - a glittering diamond that awards you 10,000 points and the next screen. To complete a screen, pick all the cherries, or eliminate all bad guys and diggers, or eliminate all alphamonsters to spell EXTRA, or capture the diamond. Each player begins with five Mr. Do's in skill level 1 and three in all other skill levels. Good graphics, music and sound effects. One or two players.

MR. DO'S CASTLE - The object is to keep Mr. Do safe and moving to the next scene in his castle. To do this, help him eliminate as many unicorns as possible by either whacking them directly on the head with his hammer, or by hammering out floor blocks from above so they land directly on top of the unicorns. The hammer-happy game begins as Mr. Do enters his humble home through the basement. With hammer in hand, he's ready to confront his invaders head on. Go up and down ladders, down hallways - even drop him off landing or through openings in the floor. Avoid unicorns that are red, blue or green. In the eight different screens, each one somewhere in Mr. Do's Castle, there are seven floors including the top and basement floors. The Red unicorn comes first, but is most easily eliminated. But before the last one is gone you'll hear a change in the background music and he'll turn blue and double in number. Hit a red one on the head too many times and he'll turn green. Hit him and he'll turn blue. Blue Unicorns are the worst, and they can split into. They also cannot be knocked through holes in the floor. There are also Bonus Letter Unicorns that, unlike the others, run from Mr. Do. When you have collected all 3 keys in a scene, AND reached the door at the top of the castle, the unicorns will change to Bonus Letters. As quick as you can, clobber them and for each one you eliminate you'll earn the corresponding letter in the word "EXTRA'. Spell EXTRA and win an extra Mr. Do, advancing to the next scene. Like MR. DO, there are Ladders and Cherries. Floor Blocks on levels 2 - 6 consist of Cherries he loves to eat, Keys that must be knocked out in order to open the door at the top of the castle, Skulls which allow an entire section between two skull to drop when the skulls are knocked out, and Unicorn's Blocks where unicorns fall into a hole. The Castle Door on the top floor is where the unicorns enter each scene, and which indicates when Bonus Letters unicorns are on the way after knocking out all the key blocks. Reaching the door while it is flashing gives you the chance to collect Bonus Letters. There are 8 different scenes and 16 different Difficulty levels within Mr. Do's Castle. One player. Pause Feature. Good graphics and music, sound effects.

MUSIC BOX DEMO - This is a Coleco in house program that features 99 tunes used in various Colecovision Cartridge titles. You can select the music by pressing a controller keypad up to 99 in two digit sequences, and change menu screens by pressing the pound key.

NOVA BLAST - You are the last of the fleet and you must fight air enemies and water walkers from destroying the last four Capsulated Cities on the water's surface. You and the cities are protected by shields, but they can only protect you for so long. You must avoid collisions with, as well as shots from, enemy ships. The game ends if enemy fire destroys all four cities, or if Nova 1 is damaged by too many hits or collisions. Using the hand controller, you select your skill level from three: Cadet, Intermediate, or Expert. The higher your rank, the more flying squadrons and Water Walkers you battle, and the more cities will be under attack at one time. You have unlimited lasers and bombs, plus a surface scanner to detect cities and enemies. An indicator tells you your shield energy, and you can beam energy aboard from Energy Depots. You can also beam a shield onto a city that has lost its protective capsule. After you destroy all of the enemy, you earn bonus points and a new wave of attack begins. Moving the joystick speeds up Nova 1 to maximum acceleration (left or right) until it is released, and Nova 1 can go up and down. When Nova 1 reaches the edge of the scanner, it wraps back to the opposite end of the scanner screen. Graphics are excellent, and sound effects good. One Player Only.

OIL'S WELL - You're rich ... maybe. Geologists have just located one of the largest oil deposits in North America on your land! But you have to get it out of the ground before you can spend it. The other oil barons are jealous, and they would do anything to sabotage your operation. They have planted oozies and land mines in your oil fields to wreck your drilling equipment. The oozies attack your pipe and eat right through it, or your drill bit sets off an underground land mine. Gather in precious oil pellets, watch for extra-rich deposits of high grade oil, and in the deepest caverns below you will find an occasional deposit of petromin; a rare mineral that slows down oozies and gives you a chance to mine some of the deeply buried oil pellets. As you mine your eight oil fields, a refinery is being built overhead. Clear out all the fields and your refinery will be finished. You begin with three Drill Bits, receiving a new one for every 10,000 points. Use the joystick to drill in any direction. One or two players, three levels of difficulty, and Pause control. Excellent graphics and sound, sound effects.

OMEGA RACE - Command a starship in airless space in battle against an alien Droid Force, or against a friend. Fire laser blasts at the enemy while evading return fire. If you eliminate the first fleet, others follow. But if you take too long the Droids become Death Ships that track and blast at your fighter and drop mines as additional hazards! While recommended for play using the ROLLER CONTROLLER, standard Hand Controllers can also be used. Eight skill options for one or two players are provided, plus the Head-to-Head option to play against a friend. Another four options allow the play of the standard game, Fast bounce, Tunnel, and Astro Gates. The Tunnel or Astro Gate option allows you to escape enemy fire or to sneak up for a surprise attack. The tunnel opens up a path in the center barrier from top to bottom. The astro gate is a teleportation device that can instantly transport you from the top to the bottom or opposite of the screen. Fast Bounce makes your fighter increase in speed each time it collides with the walls, up to its maximum speed. The game begins with five Omega fighters and you earn a bonus fighter when you score 40,000 points, 150,000 points, and 250,000 points. Good graphics and sound effects, music.

ONE ON ONE - Like the game of basketball itself, One-On-One rewards you for playing with your head as well as your hands. Master the joystick moves, get your timing down pat, hone your reflexes till you can handle the Pro Level - and you can still lose if you get out-thought. Four levels of play are available: Park and Rec - the referee tends to be asleep in this one, so don't expect many fouls to be called. Shots are both easier to block and easier to make. Varsity - The ref begins to take his responsibility seriously. Shooting and blocking require more finesse and timing. College - The standard setting. Get good at this level and your pride will be well deserved. Pro - Though the 24 second clock still ticks 24 times, the ticks will come faster. Taking the computer on at this level with either player is like playing a champion on his home court. Speed is what you might call one of your computer's strong suits. You can play the role of either Julius Erving or Larry Bird and the computer will play the other. Or you and a friend can play against each other. You can choose to play for a set amount of time or to a set score. Either the winner or loser can take the ball next after a score. Score three and two point shots, and one point for free throws. The computer knows each players shooting percentages from each area of the court, plus what their pet shots are. Fouls are called for traveling, charging or failing to get a shot off before the 24 second clock runs down. Both offensive and defensive fouls are called. Fatigue sets in from continuous running and jumping. Time out can be called. Each player's fatigue is shown by a bar - the longer it is, the more fatigued. Players even have hot streaks. A ferocious dunk may even shatter the backboard! Go for a steal or block a shot just like the real thing. Good graphics and sound effects, including crowd noise.

PEPPER II - In this maze type game you guide your Pepper angel up the track, creating a zipper effect. The object is to zip all the track around a room in a maze full of rooms that actually consists of four different mazes. But roaming Eyes rush after you from every maze exit, and a Zipper Ripper unzips all the tracks that don't surround rooms. When you enclose a room containing a pitchfork or a magic box, you briefly change into an Eye catching devil as music plays. Some rooms have safety pins or hammers that are bonus prizes. Each screen maze has four exits to the other four screen mazes. You can exit at any time if the pressure gets too hot. Once the entire maze has been completed, a new maze appears. But this time the tracks can disappear, leaving only the intersections and your memory to guide you. One or two players may play any of four different skill options. Earn an extra Pepper when you enclose all four mazes in a play level. You begin with five peppers in skill level 1, three in other skill levels. Good graphics and music, sound effects.

PITFALL - Guide Harry through a treacherous jungle maze. He must leap over obstacles and dodge deadly dangers while grabbing all the treasure he can reach. Some hazards slow him down, robbing you of points; others stop him cold. The "inconvenient" hazards are open holes in the ground and rolling logs. The "catastrophic" hazards include scorpions, fires, cobras, crocodiles, swamps, quicksand and tar pits. They will cost you one of Harry's three lives. Pitfall Harry's trip must be made through a maze of surface and underground passages through the jungle. To capture all 32 treasures in under twenty minutes, Harry will have to use some of the underground passages. Swinging vines help Harry get over obstacles. Good graphics and sound effects. One player. Pause feature.

PITFALL II - Help Pitfall Harry find his niece, Rhonda, the cowardly cat, Quickclaw, and the great Raj diamond. On the way, grab all the gold bars you can. Be on the lookout for a pesky stone-aged rat, frogs, bats, condors, eels and albino scorpions. Red crosses are mystical incan healing centers. When you succumb to a danger, you are magically transported back to the last red cross touched as your score is reduced. While Harry cannot die, the score can be reduced to zero and obstacles can take great skill to overcome as the search for gold bars, Rhonda, Quickclaw, and the Raj diamond continues. Harry will swim in underground lakes, diving to reach the gold. Balloons may even be caught to float across obstacles. The fun can go on for hours. Music may be turned on and off, and the game can be paused. There is no time limit, however. Excellent graphics and music, sound effects. One player.

PITSTOP - For the Driving Module #2 or standard Coleco joystick control, you've got to decide when it's time to put the pedal to the metal and when it's time to hit the pits. Watch for other cars; some will try to run you off the track. Watch your tires and fuel, too. Either could put you out of the race. Survive the challenge and claim your purse. A radar map shows you where the next pitstop is. Pull into the pit and prepare your crew to race the clock. Up to four players may compete in three difficulty levels. You may select the number of laps and the type of race. There are three racing options: a single race, Mini-circuit (3 races), or Grand circuit (6 races). If you select a single race you will be asked to select one of six race courses. Each will push your high performance race car to the limit. Excellent graphics and sound effects.

POPEYE - In this game, you're Popeye and the goal is to catch all of Olive's hearts, notes, and cries for H-E-L-P before they hit the water and sink or before Brutus, the Sea Hag, or some vulture knocks you overboard. Each time you complete a round, you'll automatically proceed to the next more difficult round. Popeye will punch Brutus or the Sea Hag's bottles, knocks out vultures, hit the punching bag, or grab his spinach using the FIRE buttons. You begin with 4 Popeyes. Popeye's spinach will randomly appear in specific places on the screen throughout the rounds. Reach it in time and hear the "Popeye Theme" and gain a chance to catch up with Brutus and knock him overboard for a bonus score. Catch any of Olive's tokens while the tune is playing and receive double the score for each. Catch 24 hearts and you'll automatically begin the next round. In two player games, players alternate as Popeye. There are three different skill levels. Excellent graphics and sound effects, music.

PORKY'S - Porky's is an adventure in which you jump, climb and otherwise make your way through the obstacles. This is an Atari cross over game with good graphics and sound.

Q*BERT - The object of Q*BERT is to score as many points as possible by changing the color of the cubes on the pyramid from a starting color to a destination color. You do this by hopping from cube to cube while avoiding the "nasty" characters who will try to stop you. Each time you complete a pyramid (all the same color), you proceed to a new pyramid or round. Try to complete as many rounds as you can. There are six separate games, three each for one or two players, nine levels in each game, and four rounds per level. Simply point the joystick in the direction you wish Q*Bert to jump. Other things hopping about at times are: red and purple balls, Coily - the snake with a perilous pounce, Ugg - doesn't actually hop, but he moves sideways and upward from the bottom of the screen, and Slick - the fellow that changes the color of the cubes as he hops, but he can be stopped. There are Flying Discs that Q*Bert can escape on when things get too crowded, however. Jump on a flying disc and soar to the top while Coily jumps off into space and doom. Q*Bert lands back at the top of the pyramid ready to continue the quest. Excellent action and Graphics, sound and music. Very Popular with all ages. A perfect puzzle challenge.

Q*BERT'S QUBES - In Q*Bert's Qubes the object is similar to Q*Bert, color match qubes in a row (or rows) of five. Like Tic- Tac-Toe, a row of qubes with the three visible sides alike will solve the puzzle and take you to the next round. There are four rounds per level, nine levels in all. There are eight skill levels for one or two players. The game begins with a brief demonstration and it then shows you all the ways rows can be matched. A qube in the upper left corner of the screen indicates the proper matching pattern (three sides) and Q*Bert appears. Some qubes on the screen are colorless to make the challenge more difficult - there are only certain rows with color qubes to allow a match. As qubes are matched individually by jumping on and off, rotating the qube as Q*Bert jumps off, the qube becomes colorless. Once a row of colorless qubes is achieved, the round is over and a new screen appears. Other creatures hopping about include: Meltnikes"> - derive their name from their ability to sink and disappear into qubes of the same color, Purple Ball, Rat-a-tat-tat - hatches from a purple ball; looses his balance when he jumps on a spinning qube, Green Ball - contact with him freezes all other characters, and Shoobops - Mean dudes, can rotate qubes (even ones already matched). A Bonus Round comes after round 4 and challenges Q*Bert to stand in place until each Qube is rotated correctly. As the game progresses, you may be required to make upto three tic-tac-toes per round. There will be fewer free qubes per round, and of course, the pursuit characters move much faster and are introduced more frequently. Excellent graphics, music and sound effects. A perfect puzzle challenge. Pause feature.

QUEST FOR QUINTANA ROO - Yucatan Sam explores the temples of Quintana Roo searching for the keys to open the ceremonial vault and acquire the riches inside. The game begins with a screen that allows you to enter secret entry codes (found during previous play) and start the game in upper levels, or fire button to begin the first level. Outside the temple Sam must evade snakes while climbing the outside of the temple and reach the portals to the rooms inside. Down a chute and into a Temple Room where Sam can use weapons against snakes, spiders, and mummies. Sam also possesses a chisel and Geiger counter - helping Sam find objects that must be picked up. These objects include map rocks to open a vault, treasures that score points, and acid to restock Sam's supply. If Sam is bitten by a snake, their is a Magic Herb that can be located and provide the cure. The Temple Air inside is very stale and can only support life for a minute and one-half before Sam must exit. The Map Vault is solved using a map rock placed in the proper map rock hole. The chisel is used to open a vault door, but acid may also be used. An extra man is awarded for collecting 20 treasures.. Excellent graphics and sound effects. Pause feature.

RIVER RAID - A fast paced game with excellent graphics and action. Your mission is to score as many points as possible by destroying enemy battleships, helicopters, fuel depots, jets, land tanks, hot air balloons and bridges before your jet crashes or runs out of fuel. The River is divided into sections, with a bridge at the end of each section. Your jet fighter will bank to the left or right when you move the stick, and accelerate when pushed forward or slow down when pulled back. Side buttons control the missiles, holding down providing continuous fire. You begin with four jets. You lose a jet when you run out of fuel or touch anything except a fuel depot. A siren sounds when your fuel drops below 1/4 tank. Refuel with a slow fly-by of a fuel depot. Land tanks appear at bridge number 7, and Helicopter Gunners appear at Bridge 13. Eight skill levels for one or two players actually allows you to start at bridge 1, 5, 20, or 50. Fun for all.

ROBIN HOOD - Your goal is to rescue Maid Marian from the castle and steal the Gold from the evil Sheriff of Nottingham. First you must fight your way through the dangers of Sherwood Forest into the Castle. Robin must shoot 15 henchmen of the Sheriff with his bow and arrow (in 8 directions) before he can cross the bridge into the next screen, the Meadow. Here he must face a whole platoon of henchmen, and use the sword to slay them using Unlimited Lives before moving on as quickly as possible - time is of the essence. At the Castle Entrance, Robin must shoot five tower guards before a secret target appears that will allow him access to the castle. Outside guards patrol and encounters result, too. Finally in the castle, the search begins for Maid Marian and the Sheriff's Gold. Nice music and great graphics, action and sound effects. Pause feature.

ROCK N' BOLT - Build a 100-story building from a puzzle of moving beams. Jump from girder to girder, bolting all of them down in the proper pattern, then return to the elevator and move on to the next floor. A Blueprint shows you the floor plan for each screen. Black bolts mean the girder is in the right place. Flashing Gold Bolts earn you bonus money if you land on them. And Flashing Green Bolts can earn you an extra man. There are three time options. Number 1 provides you with untimed rounds, but no wages are earned. Option 2 and 3 are timed rounds in which you lose a man if you don't bolt down every girder and jump on the hydraulic lift before time runs out. You also select the level of play, which varies the time you have available on options 2 and 3 above. Earn money for each bolt secured, and lose money for every bolt you undo. Option 3 pays better than 2, but the round is a minute shorter. Study the floor plan for each level. The timer doesn't begin until you move the joystick. Excellent graphics, music and sound effects. Great challenge for anyone enjoying a good puzzle. For one or two players.

ROCK 'N' ROLL, IT'S ONLY - In this brilliant text and graphics game, you start with a guitar, a few bucks and enough raw talent to sit in with the Stones or the Police. Rock 'n' Roll takes you down a whirlwind road seeking the unbelievable wealth, status and popularity points you'll need to succeed. If you're really good and can avoid exhausting tours, bad managers, lousy material and too much fun, you can keep your money, stay happy, and interpret the record charts and newspaper headlines to become the all time reigning King of Rock and Roll! First you must choose a name for your group, and the level of play (1-3). Status reports appear for reference throughout the game, helping you make career decisions. To win you need a million dollars, 1000 popularity points, and 3 status symbols. Every game will be different.

ROC 'N ROPE - A game of skill and speed, you search for the Golden Bird of Fortune. In your quest, you'll journey through the land that time forgot. You must scale the heights with your trusty rope and shine your powerful flashlight to daze the dinosaurs and swift-footed cavemen who chase you at every turn. At the top, a feathered fiend, the Flying Roc, tries to bop you with bouncing boulders. A trail of eggs containing magical powers leads you to the Golden Bird, and the eggs you gather can make cavemen and dinosaurs disappear. The treasures are yours when you reach the apex, but the quest isn't over as along comes a new perilous maze. Excellent graphics and music, sound effects. One or two players in eight skill levels. Standard or Super Action Controllers can be used.

ROCKY - Using the SuperAction Controllers, one or two players can play against the computer or each other in four skill levels. Whether you're the Italian Stallion or Clubber Lang, you're in the ring with the toughest opponent of your career! Put up your gloves, look for an opening, then land a punch. Bob and weave, duck, jab to the body. Quick maneuvering confuses your opponent. Direct hits earn you points as you wear your opponent down. Keep punching away until he falls to the canvas. Then get into your corner and watch the referee count him out. Rocky starts with a Demo (press 0) and the action is quite realistic! The crowd reacts to slow play or good boxing. Fighters can clinch. They become dazed and confused when hit too much. And they get tired, resting between rounds. Each round is one minute. Indicators at the top of the screen indicate each fighters Daze and Fatigue factors. Ten rounds of boxing. Pause feature. Excellent graphics, music and sound effects. A real hit!

ROLLOVERTURE - The object of this game is to help Maestro Theodore T. Tophat (known as triple T) travel around the orchestra pit attempting to direct the rolling note into the proper note-maker slot. The orchestra pit contains seven levers, positioned over the note-maker slot that the lever controls. Triple T runs by a lever to change its setting, opening or closing the corresponding note-maker hatch. There are two blue bumpers and seven red bumpers in the pit. The blue bumpers when run over by Triple T will scramble the note-maker slots at the bottom. The red bumpers will scramble the note-maker slots when run over by a rolling note. Once the proper lever opens the proper note-maker hatch, the rolling note can roll in and the note plays, a new note comes rolling down from the music sheet. A conveyor belt on the bottom level of the orchestra pit is used to direct the rolling note to the left or right note-maker slots. Triple T changes the direction of rotation by running on the belt in the opposite direction. Triple T can jump rolling notes and gaps in the pit levels. He also has seven ladders to get him around the pit. Eight skill levels for one or two players. Pause feature. Good graphics and sound effects.

SAMMY LIGHTFOOT - Step right up and see the most daring acrobat in this wide world. He jumps, he swings, he flies! Sammy Lightfoot performs incredible feats high above your head. His courage will amaze you and his skill delight you. Sammy will leap huge circus balls and fly through the air over scorching flames. He will dodge lethal plungers and cross huge chasms. Finally, Sammy will swing on a trick rope, challenge the man- eating pumpkin and soar on a flying carpet! Begin with five Sammys, and good luck. Eight skill levels for one or two players. Good graphics and sound effects, music.

SECTOR ALPHA - A game of skill which pits you against the alien spacecraft armed with missiles that approach you in the way missiles do in Subroc. Your defense is to avoid them or shoot them. The screen reveals three smaller Radar Screens above the main screen which reveal alien spacecraft in the Main Screen and the screens to the left or right that may be entered. Automatic siting helps destroy the aliens. Five lives are provided. Good sound and visual effects.

SEWER SAM - Sam is waiting at Central Park for his girlfriend Sally. He see her, rushes to greet her and the next thing he knows, he's scrambling around the sewers of New York. But three Russian submarines have been detected in the city's sewers and the system has been blocked off. The only way Sam can get out is to sink all 3 subs. He has a revolver with six shots and reload ability, and three lives. Choose from one of eight skill levels for one or two players, and use the pause feature as necessary. Sam can swim, climb the walls and even jump down. There are three types of sewers. Some have solid floors, some have water canals, and some have pits. All sorts of Nasties are after Sam: Bats, spiders, snakes, grunts, crocodiles, sharks, Sewer gulls (don't kill, but carry Sam back through the maze), and submarines. Missiles must be destroyed. When all 3 submarines have been destroyed, Sam climbs back up to the street to greet his girlfriend. Very nice graphics and sound effects that are realistic.

SIR LANCELOT - You are Sir Lancelot astride your winged horse, Pegasus. You set out on a quest to save a poor maiden held prisoner in a castle by a fire-breathing dragon. As you start your journey winged creatures will try to kill you, but with your charmed lance and careful flying by Pegasus, you can overcome their challenge. When all are defeated, you reach the castle and face the dragon flying above a lava pool. You must evade his fiery breath which stuns, and use your lance to kill the dragon and save the maiden. Once slain, you will face new creatures guarding another castle, and these defenders will have heard of your exploits and be more difficult, as will the dragon. Excellent graphics, sound effects, and music. Eight skill levels for one or two players.

SKIING - This two event (Slalom or Down Hill) Skiing Game has three skill levels for up to four players. Each player enters his name and scores are posted accordingly. Select the event and difficulty. As you ski from the top of the screen down, use the Hand Control Joystick to curve left and right, controlling speed and direction toward each new gate that appears from the bottom of the screen. The screen scrolls up as the course is run, and the skier takes a skiing motion to make the fastest time. The player and score is then posted before play continues. The Down Hill event features a course filled with trees (along the left and right screen) and rocks protruding above the snow line. Whether the skier hits a gate in the Slalom event or hits a rock or tree in the Down Hill, the player will fall and loose valuable time. An infinite number of courses are included, each course is randomly determined every time you select a new skill level or new event. Players take turns using first hand controller. Excellent graphics, good sound effects and music.

SLITHER - The exciting game with the Coleco Roller Controller features quick response over full screen movement that allows you to fire both up and down at those deadly snakes and dinosaurs, and wriggling attackers. Snakes can split when your laser blast hits them. Pterodactyls menace from the air. A tyrannosaur drops more brush to block your way. Soon there are invisible snakes to join in. The battle continues from day to night scenes, where snakes have beady eyes. Eliminate all the snakes and the Bonus Timer awards you the remaining time in points. Four skill levels for one or two players. Pause feature. Excellent graphics, music and sound effects. Roller Controller only.

SLURPY - Slurpy is a being called a Vacumus whose only strength lies in his long snout that enables him to suck in and swallow nearly every living creature within the caves he guards. When mutants pour into the caves, Slurpy slurps up these viperous devils while avoiding their vicious attacks. Slurpy can face left or right and move about the cave in all directions. When the powerful vortex in front of Slurpy's snout-like mouth comes in contact with creatures or good food, he automatically eats it. If it is something poisonous (turning red), he can spit it out before swallowing. Slurpy's main food is the blue Glowbug, a small flying creature that looks like a small blue glowing ball. When he eats all the Glowbugs in a cave, he advances to the next cave. Take too long and the cave becomes unstable and earthquakes are common. Chemical conditions in the he cave cause the Glowbugs to change from blue to red or gold. The red Glowbug is poisonous and will kill Slurpy if swallowed. The Gold Glowbug makes Slurpy golden and strengthens him so that he can safely take one hit from his cave enemies or swallow one poisonous creature without dying. Extra lives are awarded for reaching various score levels. At the bottom of the cave are a dozen eggs which hatch as Cave Bugs or Cave Birds whenever hit by a red Glowbug or another cave creature. Soon after an egg will hatch and will lay a new egg unless slurped first. One or two players in four different skill levels. Good graphics and sound effects.

SMURF PAINT 'N' PLAY WORKSHOP - a combination of the toys kids benefit from most: an electronic paint set, flannel board, puppet theater and movie maker. The program is designed to gently guide children as they embark on their own explorations into movement, color, animation, and imaginative play. Children can play, paint, place objects on blank or predrawn screen, stage and record plays, even create animated cartoons. A demonstration program introduces the workshop completely, starts automatically, and can be stopped by pressing #9 on the keypad. Select Paint and Play, Record, or Demonstration after the program loads. Two children can each control a character (four are available) that is selected by pressing #6 on the keypad. Select a predrawn screen and add objects to the scene. Make your character walk through the scene, leap and fall. Press #9 on the keypad anytime to go back to the main menu where you can select RECORD. When you return to the scene, every action you take will be recorded for complete playback in real time. The scenes can be extensive and joined with other scenes accessed by pressing appropriate numbers on the keypad. A special animation feature allows you to predraw four scenes and animate them with clouds, characters, etc., that move across the screen when played back. Graphics and sound effects are excellent, and the music is very good, but can be turned on or off by pressing the # key. Pressing #1 reveals a screen of objects for outside scenes, pressing again reveals a screen of characters and symbols, and pressing a final time reveals more objects for inside. An object is selected using the joystick, and then press #2 to capture (copy) it and press again to paste it on the scene you are working on. Press #3 and you can free-hand draw using 16 selectable colors. Change your mind, press #5 with the painter or smurf touching the object and it will disappear. No matter whether the child is pre-school, nursery-school, or school-age, each will find Paint 'n' Play fun and enjoyable.

SMURF RESCUE IN GARGAMEL'S CASTLE - In Coleco's Smurf Rescue, treacherous Gargamel has captured Smurfette and has trapped her in his lab. To free her, nimble-footed Smurf must run, jump and duck his way through dangerous woods, fields and cavern. Dodge the spooky hawks, bats and spiders sent by Gargamel. The Control Stick makes Smurf move left, right, duck or jump short or long. Smurf makes points for jumping obstacles, but if he falls short or waits too long to jump he will be eliminated. Five Smurfs are provided. Each round must be completed before Smurf's energy level (as displayed at the top of the screen) is exhausted. As smurf comes to the right or left edge of the screen while moving, the screen will change to the next scene and its hazards and creatures. Once Smurf has entered the castle and freed Smurfette, the Smurf begins his journey once again. One or Two players can play four skill levels. Excellent graphics and sound effects, music. Even young children enjoy and are able to play surprisingly well at skill level one, but this is a game for all ages!

SOCCER - Known as FootBall in other parts of the world than the U.S.A., this game features the use of Super Action Controllers to control all the facets of this game. You will be the goal-keeper diving to make incredible saves, the full back with fierce last minute tackles, the mid-field 'general' directing shrewd passes and the center forward scoring great goals. You will be involved all the time in the most exciting moments of the game, scoring the winning goal. The game actually consists of more than just play between two players. There are six options: Demo, Fast and Slow Soccer for two players, Penalty competition, and practice for penalty taking, and saving as goal tender, and tackling for one player. These last three options help you sharpen up your skills. The Demo allows you to look on as a game is played. The majority of the soccer field is in view with its players. When action gets close between two players, the shot zooms in to full size. When shots are taken on goal, the view is full size, too. The finger buttons control kicking, tackling, strength of a kick, and trajectory when pressed or used in combination. When goal- keeping, the finger buttons control the direction of a dive, as well as the trajectory and positioning of the goal-tender. The Roller is used to move the entire team forward and backward along the field of play. On selecting options 1 or 2 for slow or fast soccer, while the music is playing you and your opponent will strengthen your team and choose a team formation. The game begins with a mid-screen kick. Transfer control to another closer player by pressing the yellow or orange action (finger) button. When opposing players are near each other, the enlarged action screen appears. Kick your opponent and he/she will be awarded the ball. Each match has two 12 minute halves. Pause feature. Excellent graphics, sound effects and music. SuperAction Controllers Only.

SPACE FURY - Coleco's Space Fury pits you against the space fleet of the Alien Commander. Maneuver your fighter to avoid enemy scouts. Then fire to eliminate them before they join to complete a ship that shoots deadly fireballs. Banish the first squadron and you get a chance to join with a mother ship that gives you more firepower. If you defeat all the squadrons, you'll be matched against the entire alien fleet! Choose one of eight skill level options for one or two players, and then an alien appears speaking an unknown language - translated on the bottom of the screen. Then prepare for battle as you maneuver your jet and fire. Once the round is finished, move on to the docking phase and dock with one of the three mother ships for even more firepower. Fast paced action and high scoring fun. Start with five ships and win a bonus fighter at 20,000 points. Excellent graphics and sound effects, music.

SPACE PANIC - Coleco's challenging Space Panic pits your Spaceman against the cunning Space Monsters who are out to get him. Make your Spaceman dig holes in girder floors to trap the monsters. Then quickly fill them over and make the monsters fall through to their doom. There are five floors, and some monsters soon will need to fall through two or even three floors (depending on the color of the monster) in order to be eliminated. Ladders connect the floors, and the standard Hand Controller moves your Spaceman up down, left and right, digs the holes and fill them back in. The longer you play, the more monsters and/or harder to eliminate monsters appear scattered about the maze. When all monsters have been eliminated, the next round begins with a new maze and monsters. As you play, Oxygen is used up as shown on an indicator. The more oxygen than remains, the bigger the bonus you get per round. A score of 5000 awards you another Spaceman. One or two players select from four skill levels. Excellent graphics, sound effects and music.

SPECTRON - The skies above your base will literally be filled with the ranks of dangerous and unpredictable aliens. An incredible background will transport you right into space with all the colorful graphics. The mission is to protect the motherland and repel the invading forces. Four Spectron Fighters are provided. A Strip Shield allows you to shoot through portions of it as it protects you from alien fire. Some aliens can land and set bombs in your home base, and over nine bombs will destroy the motherland and end the game. An alien mother transport can be shot down for extra points, and other aliens are able to dip and do unpredictable things, making them difficult to stop. Receive a bonus fighter and new shield for ever three (skill levels 1 and 2) or four attacking formations you ward off. One or two players can play four skill levels. Excellent graphics, sound effects and music.

SPY HUNTER - Spy Hunter is an excellent game for either Standard or Super-Action Hand Controllers (you are asked to choose at the game's beginning). Enemy agents have infiltrated our country and you have been charged with the responsibility of eliminating these agents. The base of operation is the Spy Hunter vehicle. Equipped with a machine gun to blast the enemy (Blue) vehicles that will run you off the road, you also will be able to augment and replenish your arsenal along the way. Weapons Vans appear along the coursing highways you drive along. When they do appear, slow down and drive up the ramp. The van will pull over and park and you will back out with a new weapon, or replenishment of an existing weapon. Bonus Weapons include Oil, Smoke and Rockets. More advanced enemy weapons will require oil to make them slide off the road, Smoke to hide and elude the enemy, and Rockets to blast away enemy Helicopters. The road will split, you will cross bridges over water, the seasons will change and the road become icy; you will exit to a ramp where you leave the car and drive a speed boat as you avoid barrels, torpedoes, and shallow areas of the canal through which you drive. Leave the canals and exit back to the roadways. Use your vehicle to bump other enemy vehicles off the road. Avoid eliminating innocent vehicles and motorcycles as you run up your score, but watch them close. They can cause a crash and eliminate you just like the enemy vehicles. Begin with one Spy Hunter Vehicle, but earn an additional vehicle for scoring 10,000 points before the timer runs out. Players can earn two additional Spy Hunter vehicles for scoring 18,000 points before the timer runs out. An additional vehicle is earned at 30,000 and every 30,000 points thereafter, up to 120,000 points. Pause feature lets you take a break. One or two players can play four skill levels. Excellent graphics. Excellent music accompanies play. Great sound effects. Fun for entire family.

SQUISH 'EM SAM - He's on his way to the top of a 48 story building to collect a suitcase full of money. But the creepy creatures are determined to knock him off the building before he get there. And falling objects make the climb even more difficult and dangerous. You score points by climbing to the top of the building, squishing Creepy Creatures or jumping over them. He shouts "Squish 'em" when you stomp on a creature and "Money, Money, Money" when you reach the suitcase. If he's knocked off the building, he just says "Whoops". When a creature is squished, it turns from blue to white and can no longer be squished. You can, however, jump over them. The higher up you go, the more objects are falling faster. You begin with four lives and you earn bonus men by picking up prizes (one per building). When Sam earns a bonus man, he yells "Wow." Play levels can be selected manually (from 1 to 9) using the control stick "#" key, or achieved by successful play. To climb the maze, you must find the path that allows you to the next floor, avoiding the creatures and falling objects in the process. Creatures get taller and harder to jump, too. Pause feature. One player. Demonstration feature shows you higher levels and play. Good graphics and sound effects, plus it talks in a realistic voice as you play!

STAR TREK - For use with either the Standard Hand Controller or Super Action Controller, you captain the Starship Enterprise through embattled sectors of Federation Space! You must be on guard for marauding Klingon raiders and the rogue space-probe NOMAD! Fire your Phasers and Photon Torpedoes to defend your ship and Federation Starbases. Avoid the warp-draining Antimatter Drone. Dock at starbases to repower your shields, photon torpedoes, and warp drive. Be careful not to detonate a mine. The screen provides both a strategic display that shows an entire sector, and a tactical display where ships are shown full size. In addition, shield strength, number of photon torpedoes and warp capability are displayed below your score. Every 20,000 points earns you one shield segment, a Torpedo segment on the Photon indicator, and one quarter of a Warp Drive indicator. Pause feature. One or two players can select from four skill levels. Good graphics and sound effects, music.

STAR WARS - In this game there are increasing Waves of difficulty. Each wave features 3 rounds (except wave 1). The rounds involve destroying fireballs and shooting down Tie Fighters patrolling the Death Star, blasting fireballs and the tops off of Laser Towers along the surface of the Death Star, and destroying fireballs while avoiding Catwalks in the Death Star's Equatorial Trench. In the last round you must also blast the Main Reactor Port on the floor of the trench with a proton torpedo to destroy the Death Star completely. You begin with 9 energy shields, and receive three shields when you advance to the next round. When you lose all 9 shields, and are hit by a fireball or fly into a Catwalk, you lose your X-Wing Fighter and the game ends. Very good graphics and sound effects. Select which wave of the three you wish at the beginning of the game. One player.

STRIKE IT - Starts with a brief demonstration game. Speedy reflection and judgment are necessary to hit the ball with your pin pon racket and reflect to the bricks to get high points. Then you must pay full attention to the direction and angle of reflection of the ball. In each scene you have 6 balls (chances), directing your racket by moving the control stick in right and left directions. Control the racket to hit the balls and reflect it to bricks and animals. In the third scene, besides your own six balls there are still four moving balls hit here and there, you can accept and reserve them. Points are awarded for hitting a yellow, green, or blue brick, and for each animal on the brick or each animal accepted by the racket. The animals can only be hit with a ball after colored brick has been eliminated. The harder you hit a ball, the faster it will go. Good graphics and sound effects. One to two players with variations that allow four players in alternation.

SUBROC - Use your Standard Controller or Super Action Controller in this great sea and air battle. Line up the crosshair sights and fire at the battleships, mines and missiles zooming right at you! A fleet of hostile forces has assembled around your vessel that includes flying saucers able to fire missiles. Ships launch torpedoes. At the lowest altitude your Subroc vessel fires torpedoes at the cruisers and drones. Raise your sight and unleash missiles at the flying attackers. Then watch out for the deadly command plane. The bonus value decreases the longer it takes to eliminate him. Soon comes twilight and then night. The battle continues. You receive a bonus Subroc vessel for reaching 20,000 points, and another at 100,000 points. One or two players select from four skill levels. Great graphics and sound effects.

SUPER ACTION CONTROLLER TEST - Coleco's in house program for testing all the functions of the Super Action Controller set. Tests include the four finger buttons, the roller for forward and reverse in speed increments, the stick for all directions, and the keypad buttons. This is the only accurate test program for the super action hand controller.

SUPER COBRA - Brush off your ace piloting skills because you're about to take off on a hair-raising adventure: air surveillance of enemy territory. This means an 11,000 mile obstacle course through ever-changing terrain ... over craggy mountain tops, around tall city buildings, and through long jagged tunnels. The course is rigged with chopper-stopping weapons like igniting rockets, heavy ground artillery, flobbynoids, and flying saucers. As soon as the game begins, the object is to fly your chopper and avoid the obstacles that border around the chopper's air route, gaining mileage. Every time you clear 1,000 miles, one block of the gauge turns red indicating you've entered the next section. Begin with five choppers. Shoot and drop bombs on the weapons scattered throughout the course for points. There are six different types of weapons: ground artillery, straight rockets, flobbynoids, roof bombs, fire balls and flying saucers. Different weapons become active in certain sections. Keep an eye on your fuel tank, and hit a fuel tank with chopper fire to partially replenish your fuel supply. There are eleven sections of terrain in this obstacle course. When you reach section 11, swoop down and land on the booty. When you run out of choppers, start over with five more at the spot you left off in the journey. Excellent graphics and sound effects. One player.

SUPER CROSS FORCE - The object of the game is to successfully defend the inner solar system helix and score as many points as possible. The game begins with the selection of the game options, of which there are ten game modes and each of these modes has nine skill levels. Spectrons can be destroyed by enemy fire or by de-energization, and you begin with four. Each Spectron has two components: The Base Laser and the Countersync Laser. There are three ways to deploy this awesome weapon: Parallel, Diagonal, and Dual-Control. In Parallel, the pair of lasers move in the same direction. In Diagonal, the pair of lasers move in opposite directions. And in Dual-Controlled, the pair of Spectron are operated independently by two players using two joysticks. Each Spectron has a limited energy and must be refueled periodically from the Mother ship via an energy Pack dropped by parachute. It must be intercepted. The attacks come in waves, each more difficult than the last. Either Spectron component (one at the top and one at the bottom) can be destroyed by enemy fire. There are four one and two player options (of which there are two each Parallel and Diagonal options, and two options for two players where each controls one of the two components. Excellent graphics and sound effects.

TANK WARS - In Tank Wars you get to maneuver a Tank and fire at enemy tanks trying to destroy your Radar Base. Walls crumble down with the impact of tank fire, but walls are your primary form of defense along with your quickness. Each scene pits 20 enemy tanks against your five. Points are scored according to the position of the tank you defeat in relation to your tank. Defeat a tank next to you and score 1,000 points. Defeat a tank at the farthest position and you receive 300 points. In between are 500 and 800 point scores. Tanks of different color indicate different level of attacking speed and frequency. Good graphics and sound effects. A challenge for anyone. One or Two players and four different skill levels.

TAPPER, ROOT BEER - Step up to the bar and slide Root Beer Mugs to your thirsty customers. Move from bar counter to counter (there are four counters and taps) filling and sliding drinks. Retrieve empty mugs and pick up tips. But if you're too slow the eager clientele have been known to eject him from the premises. Sam can get flustered and fling one too many root beers down the counter or fail to catch a mug returning for a refill, too. Sam starts with from four to eight mugs, depending on the skill level chosen. There are four skill levels for one or two players. Each round lasts until Sam breaks a mug or the soda jerk is thrown out of the fountain. A bonus round is played in which Root Beer Hunter shakes up five of the six root beer cans and jumbles them up. Sam has to guess which can won't fizz in his face. Excellent graphics and sound effects, musical interlude during pause.

TARZAN - Colecovision presents from out of the jungle ... Tarzan. Choose from four different skill levels in a game that is sure to please you. As Tarzan you swing through the treetops, swim through crocodile infested waters, and overcome traps in your quest to free your faithful monkey companion, Nkima, and the Tribe of Great Apes imprisoned by cruel hunters. First, rescue Nkima from the hunters' camp. Once freed, Nkima accompanies you on your mission and alerts you to hidden snakes and treacherous pit traps with his shrill cry. There are sworn enemies lurking in the vine-festooned jungle: a gigantic gorilla, sinuous serpents, and killer crocodiles. Your final challenge is the Temple of the Flaming God in the lost city of Opar. The sinister Beastmen and the fire-breathing Flaming Idol of Opar hurls fireballs at those who dare desecrate the temple. Tarzan can leap, climb, swing, run, swim and punch. Once he reaches the top of the temple, pressing any keypad will unloose Tarzan's powerful ape-roar that vanquishes the idol. A red Vitality bar appears in the top center of each scene that gets smaller as Tarzan looses strength. You gain vitality when an ape is freed. When the Vitality Bar disappears, the game is over. One player. Supports the use of both Standard Controller or Super Action Controller. Excellent graphics, music and sound effects. Control over Tarzan is superb.

TELLY TURTLE - Teach Telly Turtle how to draw and in the process you learn the basics of computer programming. Turtle Graphics are popular in LOGO Language, and this cartridge version allows instant loading and loads of fun. Since Logo can be intimidating and frustrating to children who have not yet developed typing or spelling skills, Telly Turtle is designed to be a pre-Logo experience that combines Turtle Graphics with Graphic Symbol Commands. Children give Telly a series of commands just as they would in Logo, but those commands are represented pictorially by graphic symbols on the computer screen. Children use the control stick to select commands and the side buttons to execute them. The instruction booklet provides step-by-step lessons to guide children in learning how to draw and program Telly to do a complete drawing in the blink of an eye. Children enjoy adding drawing and can add different sounds to enhance the fun.

THRESHOLD - Earth is under attack and the rest of the fleet is out. You have five fighters to defend the home planet against a barrage of enemy ships that seems never-ending. Each squad of attackers has a dozen or more ships apiece, and there are 24 squads. You spaceships are equipped with Hyperdrive, making them faster than any enemy vessel for a brief time. Each squad of attackers fires missiles that you must dodge to survive. You must watch your laser indicator to prevent overheating, and fuel is costly so you must defeat the enemy as quickly as you can. After every four squads are eliminated, the mother ship will come to refuel you and points are added to your score for leftover fuel. Score 50,000 points and a destroyed ship will be reassembled for you. One or two players and four different skill levels. Good graphics and sound effects.

TIC TAC TOE - A more recent release of the classic game of Tic Tac Toe.

TIME PILOT - A game for both Standard or SuperAction Controllers, Time Pilot allows you to earn your wings against ruthless enemy aircraft from the dawn of aviation to the superjet age in four different time periods. First fly a biplane with hand bombs. Then face squadrons of swooping monoplanes and bombers. Next eliminate swarms of helicopters, dodging their heat-seeking missiles. And finally, battle waves of jet fighters with speed, sharp aim, and infra-red homing missiles, and the dreaded black jet bomber. Save the parachutists for extra points.Down the dirigible. Advance and receive a decoration. Pause feature. One or two players and four skill levels. Very good graphics and sound effects.

TOMARC THE BARBARIAN - In a mystical land far away in time and space Tomarc is caught in an adventure of life and death. The lovely Senta is imprisoned in a magical cage where she is being attacked by vampire bats. In order to rescue her, Tomarc must find his sword which is lost in a maze of caverns which are inhabited by deadly monster rats. You control both Senta as she shoots the attacking bats and Tomarc as he leaps from cave to cave in search for the sword and escape from the caves. Tomarc then fights his way up the Giant Spider's Web to retrieve his sword and save Senta from the attacking arachnids. Simultaneous game play in two separate game screens requires you to listen for the sounds of danger. Begin with eight lives that either Senta or Tomarc can loose. Very good graphics and sound effects. One Player.

TOURNAMENT TENNIS - Serve, play either forehand or backhand shots, hit hard or lob the ball. All the Tennis rules are observed. Even a ball boy runs out to retrieve errant serves. A match is the best three out of five sets, and a tie-breaker game takes place when necessary. The game includes a demonstration match to show all the many features. Full court display of both players. Play against the computer or another competitor in three skill levels. Excellent graphics and good sound effects and realism. Pause feature.

TURBO - The game included with the Expansion Module #2 (Driving Unit with gas pedal). In this popular Sega arcade game, you press down on a real accelerator foot pedal to speed over city, country and mountain roads. Twist and spin your steering wheel to swerve past oil slicks, cars and speeding ambulances. Shift down into low gear to negotiate dangerous sea-side road curves and icy conditions on snowy highways. Thrill to a genuine road race! When you crash you are brought to a screeching stop while other cars race past. Start up again and run through the gears to get to speed. Pass thirty cars and your time is reset to 99. You can have unlimited crashes in skill level 1, and two crashes in skill levels 2 through 4. Earn bonus points for each car you pass in extended play periods, and more time and crashes when you pass another thirty cars. Excellent graphics and sound effects.

TUTANKHAM - Inside King Tut's tomb are treasures beyond your wildest dreams. They can be yours if you dare to take them. But supernatural creatures roam the chambers of the tomb guarding the treasures at all costs. Your only defenses against them are your laser gun and your wits. Pick up treasures and any key you see. Keys unlock a door to the next burial chamber and the next adventure. In this game you are Archie the archaeologist and you've got either 8, 5 or 3 lives (depending on the game selected). You are in the first of four burial chambers inside the tomb. Find the keys, the secret passageways, and watch the Time Clock that monitors the amount of ammunition in your gun. If you get in a tight spot and can't seem to fire your way out, you can activate the flash bomb, as indicated by the number of lanterns on the screen. When a creature gets Archie, he is reincarnated somewhere in the maze. There are 16 levels of difficulty, or 16 stages. Each stage shows one of four different burial chambers. There are many creatures that get faster in each successive stage, and many treasures that can help you. Tutankham can be played by one or two players. The action is fast and furious. Graphics and sound effects are excellent in this action adventure.

UP 'N DOWN - You're racing your Baja Bugger over dangerous and treacherous roads. But your opponents aren't just trying to win the race, they're trying to make it the last race you run. To stay alive, jump your Baja Bugger and land on top of your opponents. Earn points by collecting flags, balloons and other prizes along the course, but watch out for Toasters, pick-up trucks, flag cars, tanks wedge cars and other deadly opponents trying to collide with you. The course has at least two lanes which zig-zag across the screen and will intersect along the way. Some roads might lead to maps which let you jump across stretches of broken road and some roads lead to dead ends. Go up and down hills and steps. If you jump and land off the road at any point, you lose one of your five cars. Collect ten flags and advance to the next more difficult round up to 99 rounds. Use your joystick to go faster, slower (even reverse), left or right. One or two players choose from three skill levels. Pause feature. Excellent graphics and music, sound effects. Fun for all ages.

VENTURE - Winky as climbed deep inside a dungeon laden with incredible treasures, but guarded by terrible monsters. Equipped with only bow and arrows, he seeks the treasures as the monsters close in. Guide him through the dungeon rooms, but don't stop to count your treasure until you're through. Inside a room Winky and the monsters are enlarged as the room fills the entire screen. Once you have exited a room, you may never return, and you select a new room to explore. Expect the unexpected. Monsters may appear or disappear at special times. In the Cyclops Room, the cyclopes even "teleport" from place to place. The farther into the dungeon you venture, the more points you gain for each treasure or monster. One or two players can play four different skill levels. Excellent graphics, music and sound effects.

VICTORY - For use with Coleco's Roller Controller, your planet has been overrun by an alien force. They've installed radar, rockets and quark silos. Their deadly ships drop paratroopers to release the quarks. Fire your lasers to destroy the aliens, and if the going gets rough, put up your shields or trigger your Doomsday Device. Spin your Roller Ball to aim your battlestar in any direction you want to fire or thrust. The right upper Action Button turns your engines on and off, but watch your fuel. The right lower Action Button fires at your enemies. The lower left Action Button activates the Doomsday Device, but you only have four. And the upper left Action Button activates the shields, protecting you from enemy fire and collision with the planet surface, too. Skim the planet's surface or fly deep into space. Your Radar Screen lets you know when the enemy approaches and where you need to fly to intercept them. Bomber formations attack. Paratroopers fall out of the bombers and shuttles, changing into scouts who roam the planet surface and release super deadly quarks. A quark never rests until it has chased and eliminated your battlestar or you destroy it first. Once fuel becomes low you must dive to a fuel depot and fill up. Finish the round and the next time you will face additional foes like interceptors and saucers. Reach 35,000 points and receive a bonus battlestar. You start with five. Pause feature. One or two players and four skill levels. Excellent graphics and sound effects, music.

VIDEO HUSTLER - The object of the game is to sing all six balls. A brief demonstration shows how the game is played and aim is taken. The joystick moves the aiming dot around the side of the screen, and once the fire button is pressed the cue ball moves to that point, striking any ball in between. You have three cue balls. You lose a cue ball if it falls into a pocket or if you do not sink a ball into the pocket in three tries. A speed meter controls the speed of the cue ball. Shoot while the speed is either slow, average or hard, as indicated on the meter. The action of the pool balls is very realistic. When you sink all six of the balls, you advance to the next round. The scoring gets higher as the game progresses. One or two players. Excellent graphics, good sound effects and music.

WAR GAMES - For use with standard or Super Action Controllers in One player games, or Roller Controller in Two player games. You are the commander at NORAD defending the United States against an enemy attack. You have only minutes to make life or death decisions as you defend against enemy bombers, subs and missiles. Defend prime targets (cities and military bases) with the help of the NORAD defense computer. Move the cross hairs to intercept the enemy. Pressing keypad buttons changes the display to one of the six defense sector maps, the U. S. Strategic Map (all sectors), or weapons control (Satellite or Sub Patrol Defense, scramble interceptor jets, or aim and fire ABMS). All weapons target the cross hair position. Hold test drills before waging your first real War Games campaign. Choose from four different skill levels. Excellent graphics and sound effects, music.

WAR ROOM - A simulation of the computerized war game scenarios played out at the highest level of the world superpowers. It is an extremely graphic and realistic representation of a nuclear confrontation between the U.S. and Russia which demonstrates why no responsible government would want to resort to nuclear warfare in any other than game form. As a player, you have far more responsibility than finite hand-eye coordination. You also have to maintain production of goods and services that will enable your country to defend itself against wave after wave of nuclear attack. Waves of attacking satellites will first be detected on national radar at the top of the screen. The lower part of the screen displays a regional view of the nation as seen from the hunter-killer satellite under your control. Fire lasers and disintegrate enemy satellites, but use the laser fuel sparingly. The supplies of laser fuel, machinery, raw materials and food aboard your satellite are displayed. When laser fuel runs short, it may be replenished when time permits and cities that produce the supply are still available and have food, raw materials and machinery in order to continue production. Supplies may be transferred back and forth between cities and satellite. City status may be checked at any time. Spies may disable a city, and the city must be destroyed. Some destroyed cities will be rebuilt during the course of the game. You receive one free city to start, one for every 10,000 points, and four with every fifth attack wave. A pause feature allows you to stop in order to plan overall strategy or take a break. A game ends when all cities have been destroyed. Choose skill levels from 0 to 9. Action is fast and furious. Excellent graphics and good sound effects.

WING WAR - Countless ages before humans walked the earth, great flying dragons fought to survive. The uncharted world was filled with their natural enemies, but the dragons had to go on danger filled adventures, driven by irresistible primal need. Outside the safety of their underground den were the crystal elements of fire, air and water, sources of power and longer life. All these crystals gathered together created Super crystals with enough power to win the ultimate prize, the Diamond Treasure. Find and bring back Dragon eggs to win extra lives. The newly born Dragon has at least 10 fireballs and enough strength to survive 10 contacts with its enemies. The Diamond Crystal is located in the treasure cavern, but first you must find the secret passageway. Once inside, the Rock Demon must be destroyed on the way in and on the way out, and it takes six hits. Controlling the dragon is as easy as flying. Flap too fast and you'll fly too high. Fly in the direction you move the joystick. The more eggs you bring home, the more dragon generations there will be (up to 5). You begin with three. One player. Excellent graphics and sound effects.

WIZMATH - The Wizard of Id's Wizmath is a math game for ages 8 and up, but children four or five can easily play, too. This educational game teaches mathematics using Spook to move blocks into positions that form equations. Each block contains numbers or signs to create a proper equation, e.g., 1 = 1. Once the equation is correct, the exit door opens and the next round begins. Spook escapes from the castle dungeon far under ground, but Turnkeys are eager to lock him up again. The lower floors are easier and as dungeon cells are explored Spook enters from the left to find many blocks just lying around. Spook can grab and move a block, or kick it across the cell. If a Turnkey should enter, Spook must avoid him while trying to create a proper equation and open the exit door. An elevator can take Spook up to higher levels where equations are harder or more advanced, and two or more equations may be needed to open the exit door. Adults can even find the equations a challenge. It may be necessary to capture a Turnkey in the blocks. The lower floors help you understand concepts used in upper floors. Floors cover the following: Equality, Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, Exponentiation, Parentheses, Binary Numbers, Hexadecimal Numbers, and Boolean Algebra. Once in a cell, a timer counts down and the quicker you can exit, the more bonus points you will score. For one or two players. Excellent graphics and sound effects, music. A great teaching game.

WORD FEUD - Your screen is filled with letters in which a particular word is hidden twice. You have to find the hidden word and, using your joystick, position your window over one of the two instances of the word hidden somewhere in the jumble of letters. Although only one person on each side can actually control the window, anyone who can see the screen can participate, and if you have more than two participants you can split into two teams and all enjoy the fun. The program has many variations. You can choose whether the mystery word is given or not; whether you play on your own, against the computer, or against another person; whether you have three or four-letter words; and whether you use joysticks or keyboard controls. It is not enough to quickly find a likely word match in the maze and move your window over it. You must also be sure that it is the right word and that means finding the other copy. First choose the game layout and play action. Word given option is for younger children. Four letter word option lets the correct word appear twice and always in the same color. A Red Herring word will appear as well, and other words will appear by chance. Three or Four letter word option is tough since lots of three letter words arise by chance. Play against the Frog and the Butterfly as they uncover letters. If both copies of the correct word are uncovered before you find it, the computer wins and you loose one man. If you select the wrong word, you loose two men. Get it right and win one man. In two player games, each player has a window to move for selecting the word, and the race is on. Lots of fun for all. Good graphics and sound effects.

YOLKS ON YOU - The object of this game is to get all the eggs and/or baby chicks into the henhouse. The rooster pushes the eggs and flaps his wings to herd the chicks one at a time to the henhouse. But, eggs can be broken, hawks can land and steel the chicks, and a sly fox tries to dig under the fence to eat chicks and eggs. To make matters worse, gophers dig holes in the yard which you could accidentally push the eggs or chicks into, and snakes slither about at times to eat the eggs and chicks. The rooster does his best to scare the fox away, flapping his wings and moving toward him, but he has very few defenses and must be fast to score the most points. A timer counts down, too, and makes him fly away from time to time. When all the chicks are rounded up, the game is over. Good graphics and sound effects. One or two players in four skill levels.

ZAXXON - A stunning 3-D space game that takes you across alien asteroid fortresses. The evil robot Zaxxon and its fierce armies have conquered a once-free asteroid belt, and your mission is to stop them before they enslave the galaxy. As you approach the asteroids, pass the barrier wall and then dive your fighter low over the enemy surface, you must evade enemy fire from turrets, robots and base missiles as you search for the Robot Warrior. Fly too high and a missile homes in on your fighter. Once you successfully cross one asteroid fortress, you must fly through space to another. Avoid the enemy squadron that combs the galaxy in search of your fighter. Return their fire as you search the next asteroid for Zaxxon. Keep an eye on your fuel supply and replenish it by eliminating the fuel tanks on the first asteroid. A bonus fighter is awarded for reaching 10,000 points. Just like the arcade version, Zaxxon has great graphics and sound effects. One or two players choose from four skill levels.

ZENJI - Connect all maze elements, creating an unbroken, green path to the pulsating source. Spin the track to connect other tracks. Avoid flames and sparks, and carefully watch the time. Points are awarded whenever complete connection (Zenji) is achieved. The less time you've taken, the more points you'll receive. Touch a numbered square and receive a bonus of 100 points times the number. Also, a bonus life will be awarded with every other increase of 10,000 points. You begin with on-screen instructions and a demonstration. Press the keypad for one or two players and four skill levels. Start with five lives. At the end of the game enter your initials beside your score.