†††††††††††††††††††††††††† TIPS, TRICKS and HINTS


For an idea of what a game is all about, read the following CARTRIDGE REVIEW MANUAL. Cartridges are typed according to the most pronounced characteristic when games possess more than one type, if possible. Some cartridges will be listed more than once to better represent the type of game.


Aquattack, BC's Quest For Tires, BC's Quest for Tires II - Grog's Revenge, Cabbage Patch Adventure in the Park, Congo Bongo, Destructor, Dragon Fire, Fathom, Frantic Freddy, Frenzy, Gust Buster, Heist, H.E.R.O., James Bond, Jungle Hunt, Kung Fu Super kicks, M*A*S*H, Miner 2049er, Pitfall, Pitfall II, Popeye, River Raid, Robin Hood, Roc 'N Rope, Sammy Lightfoot, Sewer Sam, Sir Lancelot, Smurf Rescue, Spy Hunter, Star Trek, Tarzan, Victory, and Wing War.


Blackjack/Poker, Juke Box, Oil's Well, Q*Bert, Q*Bert's Qubes, and Word Feud. Since the games listed under MAZE are single screen events, they, too, could be listed here.


Alcazar, Gateway to Apshai, Mountain King, Quest for Quintana Roo, Tutankham, and Venture.


Alphabet Zoo, Amazing Bumpman, Brain Strainers, Campaign 84, Dr. Seuss: Fix-up the Mix-up Puzzler, Facemaker, Fortune Builder, Learning with Leeper, Linking Logic, Logic Levels, Memory Manor, Monkey Academy, Telly Turtle, Wizmath, and Word Feud.


Blockade Runner, Choplifter, Cosmic Avenger, Dam Busters, Dragon Fire, H.E.R.O., Looping, M*A*S*H, Moonsweeper, Sir Lance lot, Super Cobra, Time Pilot, and Zaxxon.


Boulder Dash, Burgertime, Carnival, Centipede, Donkey Kong, Donkey Kong Jr., Flipper Slipper, Frantic Freddy, Frogger, Frog ger II, Illusions, Jumpman Junior, Rock N' Bolt, Rolloverture, Slither, Slurpy, Squish 'Em Sam, Strike It, Root Beer Tapper, and Yolks On You.


Cabbage Patch Kids: Picture Show, Campaign 84, Rock 'N' Roll, and Smurf Paint 'N' Play Workshop.


Cosmic Crisis, Destructor, Illusions, Lady Bug, Mouse Trap, Mr. Do, Mr. Do's Castle, Pepper II, Space Panic, and Zenji.


Bump 'N Jump, Dukes of Hazzard, Fall Guy, Motocross Racer, Pitstop, Turbo, and Up 'N Down.


Beamrider, Blockade Runner, Buck Rogers, Cosmic Avenger, Gyruss, Meteoric Shower, Moonsweeper, Space Fury, Super Cross Force, Victory, and Zaxxon.


Galaxian, Gorf, Omega Race, Meteoric Shower, Sector Alpha, and Threshold.


Baseball, Decathlon, Football, One-On-One, Skiing, Soccer, Tennis, and Video Hustler.


Artillery Duel, Choplifter, Defender, Frontline, River Raid, Star Trek, Star Wars, Subroc, Tank Wars, War Games, and War Room.




When playing cartridge games, many have found secrets that may benefit the player or simply be an interesting event that the programmer put in the game for the curious. Usually there are some signs that point to a possible secret. Look for things like ladder flips -- where a ladder broken in the middle prevents continuation to another level of a maze, but with proper control may allow a secret path to another screen or level of play. Donít only look for ladders, but look for vines, ropes, etc. Quite often this continuity is there for a reason.

BOULDER DASH - In level one Rockford needs only to pick up the jewels without a boulder smashing him by accident. Level two is similar, but more difficult. Level 3 is much more difficult and requires you get all the jewels in the allotted time -- it's always close. Level four takes a different approach in which you must kill the deadly butterflies in order for the jewels to appear for collection in the allotted time. Next is a bonus round of ten seconds with the single object of dropping one boulder on the one butterfly that is circling. Level 6 requires strategy with eight chambers, each containing a jewel and a butterfly. The object is to get the jewel without the butterfly escaping to get you. Only four jewels are needed, so concentrate on the bottom four chambers. Level 7 contains four chambers on each side of the entire layout (the screen starts on the left of the layout). You need four jewels to open the door at the bottom right side of the layout. Allow the butterflies out of the chambers on the right, one at a time, and drop a boulder on them to change them so you can enter the chambers safely to collect the jewels. Level 8 contains the growing Amoeba that must be contained with boulders. Rockford will also seal in the Amoeba. Once contained, jewels appear in sufficient quantity to collect and escape to the next level in the allotted time. Level 9 contains the Magic Wall where boulders are briefly changed into jewels as they drop onto the activated wall. Under the wall will appear jewels. Level 10 is another bonus round where an inverted pyramid of jewels is collected in 15 seconds. Level 11 challenges you to drop jewels and boulders into two giant chambers by unsealing doors at the top. Quickly collect jewels inside and outside the chamber walls in the allotted time to advance.

CENTIPEDE - Shoot mushrooms away in a straight line up the screen to create a corridor which, when the centipede reaches it, will fall straight down and can be easily picked off. Since the flea doesn't appear until you eliminate most of the mushrooms near you, it is possible to set up a shield to prevent this pest from striking by refraining from shooting away mushrooms near your magic wand. Shoot Centipede heads to create new heads out of the body segment left behind -- heads are worth 10 times the point value of the body segments. You can use an Atari joystick in port one and make your game selections with a Coleco joystick in port two. Roller controllers can be used when set to the Joystick Mode.

COSMIC AVENGER - Get down at the level of the tanks and shoot them instead of bombing them, or save the tanks for later and get the UFOs first since the tank fire can hit the UFOs which are more of a threat. The Yellow Missile housings are bad because they track you, shooting you down if you don't move fast. Try flying low and keep the fire buttons pressed all the time.

DAM BUSTERS - An excellent but difficult game, here are some tips to help. First, set your engine controls by shutting down engines 1 and 3 (the ones that catch on fire), and throttle back until the air speed indicator flashes on the pilots console (just like in the instructions). This is cruising speed. Bomb the topmost dam by using the navigation cursor to set a course to the center (not bottom center) of the lake. The plane flies to the top of the cursor. Once the cursor is aligned, move it in a straight line to the right, about an inch from the river. Once you reach that position, move the cursor back to its original position and turn the plane to the new heading. This will line you up for the bombing run. Activate the aircraft altitude spotlights. Both light spots should appear as one. Correct your altitude slowly. Activate the bomb rotation and go to the front gunner's screen. Line up the dam in your sights and bombs away. Note also that the altimeter is not reliable.

DESTRUCTOR - Plays even better with the Roller Controller (with Joystick selected). You must hold down the Upper Red Button on either side while you're rolling from side to side, and use the #2 Controller joystick controls for forward and reverse directions.

DONKEY KONG - An interesting trick is to move Mario up the first broken ladder and then bring him back down, walk him to the left so that his back is almost touching the same broken ladder, and then move him a step or two to the right and jump. There are two versions of Kong. With one version Mario will fall through the bottom of the screen and land safely at the beginning of screen 2. In the other version, Mario also falls and disappears off the screen while barrels keep rolling down. Ten seconds later he bounces back into the picture at the top girder right next to Donkey Kong. You then have to move fast to climb up the last ladder. Another event that is interesting happens in the third (elevator) screen. It should be impossible, but isn't. First you have to get to the top right hand part of the screen to the tier where the purse is located. Below you is a short ladder. Position Mario right above it and wiggle the joystick up and down very quickly. Mario falls through the metal floor and ends up on the tier right below where you were.

DONKEY KONG JR - 1st screen - Use the fruit to knock off the Snap-Jaws, wait until just below you. 2nd Screen - Start climbing the 3rd and 4th chains and work over to the right side of the screen. Then go back to the 2st two chains as the best way to score points and clear the screen. 4th Screen - As you hit the jump board, press the jump button and be bounced up to the hanging vine.

FALL GUY - Try to keep track of where you are by using the map. It's easy to get lost and just drive around in circles looking for the hideout. Watch your speed so you don't get caught speeding by the police or crash on the curves. Highway curves can be taken at 55 MPH, but right angle corners must be taken much slower. Slow down on gravel roads, and watch out for car ramp jumps where you must speed UP to make it over the jump. Too fast and you will lose control on the other side and crash. In the hideout you must position your body properly on some jumps to make it between the obstacle and the ceiling (run, 3 clicks of the fire button, pause, 4th click). In the second level of the game you must jump through windows to get to the bad guy.

FORTUNE BUILDER - Build as many lodges and ski lifts as you can, even if you must borrow. You will quickly get your money back when big profits roll in during the winter months. Keep the beaches filled with tourists by adding hotels, boardwalks, and other places to go that produce a summer income.

FRENZY - When you get killed you may have a gap in the wall behind you. If you move back before the action starts, the Commando will run backwards. If you let Otto chase you, not killing him, another Otto will appear. If you have not set Otto on the feature cell to Big Otto, do it and run away very fast. On the option screen, * or # takes you back to the title.

FRONT LINE - Move through a wall with a hole in it by getting as far into the hole as possible using the Heavy Tank, and rotate the turret while pushing forward on the control stick. The tank moves through the wall to the other side.

GALAXIAN - When a Flagship is destroyed in flight in waves 1 through 14, the rest of the fleet stops firing for a few seconds of mourning. This is your big chance to get the escorts and any other warriors that you can. This may be the only time they are not firing at you. Always have a strategical escape planned to avoid patterns of missile attacks. Think fast and scan the screen for methods of outsmarting the fleet. Some members of the fleet are incredibly difficult to destroy, but with practice you can outsmart them.

HARD HAT MACK - For unlimited lives, press the pound (#) button (or * button in some cases) just after the game begins with screen one. Change between screens 1, 2, or 3 by pressing the number and you will instantly change to that screen. If you drop the last block on screen 3 and immediately follow it through the hole, you may become stuck on that level.

LOOPING - Don't fly too close to the ground in the city because the balloons may catch you by surprise. Don't use the accelerator in the maze. Try to shoot the green drop before it leaves the spigot. Hold the firebutton down.

Miner 2049er - When the game displays "1 or 2 players" enter the following code: 6453# and the screen # you wish to play.†† The screen number/level is from 1-9 on the keypad, while level 10 is " * " and level 11 is " # " on the keypad

MOUSE TRAP - Since there is no pause feature, you can trap yourself in one of the rooms by shutting the doors. No kitties can get you there while you take a break.

MR. DO - Here's a trick. Try and crush Mr. Do under an apple and he's a goner. But try dropping 2 adjacent apples and then getting Mr. Do crushed under the first one dropped and you will flatten him like an accordion. His power ball will remain where it was and he will land right under where the apples land, play continues. If he is only dropped a little bit, he can be eaten by a bad guy. But, if he's dropped from a higher level he becomes impenetrable, but nonresponsive to control until you restart the game.

NINJA PRINCESS - Stage select and extra lives. During the title screen, press Up, Down, Up, Up, Down, Down, Down, Up, Up, Down, Up.This will open a menu where you can use Left or Right to highlight Stage or Lives and Up or Down to modify the value.

NOVA BLAST - Energy Depots will regenerate energy as long as some reserves remain, so don't take all the energy or you won't be able to come back for more later. Energy beamed aboard evaporates after a while even if you don't use it. So beam energy aboard only when you need it. Use the Surface Scanner to determine which cities are under attack and need protection.

PEPPER II - Complete one maze at a time so you won't have to back track later. Enclose the room by quadrants and always remember to energize first so you can freeze the Zipper Ripper and gobble up the roaming eyes for bonus points. Close off a corner room last so you don't have to cross in front of the eyes again.

PITFALL - It is possible to walk through a wall by making Harry jump at the wall. Don't stand right next to it when trying. One underground scene equals three on the top.

POPEYE - In round 2, set up a situation where Bluto is about to jump you and you are next to the green spinach can. Get the spinach and follow bluto without touching him. When he jumps on the jumping board with Whimpy on it, jump on too. If your timing was right, Bluto will hit Whimpy while he bounces up, then spin across the screen while you get the notes. In round 3 (the ship scene), position Popeye on the far right (on any level) and Bluto can't get you.

SMURF RESCUE -An interesting thing happens when you enter the scene with the skull and Smurfette. After you enter the scene, turn around to go back out and Smurfette will drop her dress.

SPACE FURY - No reason to thrust on the first screen. Just concentrate on getting rid of the alien ships. Given the choice of three motherships, dock with the top one first. Dock with the right one second and the left one third. Each mothership give different amounts of firepower and lets you shoot in different directions. The above order gives the firepower needed to destroy the aliens quickly. Always shoot out at least one of the group of four small enemy ships as it takes four small ships to form one large enemy ship.

SPACE PANIC - You can save oxygen by chasing after the creatures on screens 1-4. On screens 5 u try to get rid of all the red creatures first. They are the easiest and leave you more time to concentrate on the Bosses and Dons.

SPY HUNTER - Deciding which fork of the road to take will determine which weapons you receive from the Spy Truck. Take the Left fork to begin so that you will be supplied with OIL for your car. Next fork, choose the right side in order to receive Missiles for fighting off helicopter attacks that score higher. Slow down on the ice, and if your Spy Truck appears while you already have OIL, allow it to block off attacks from the rear or front of you as long as you can before entering it. When using the Speed Boat in the canal, stay to the right side and go as fast as you can. You will avoid more attacks and be in position to exit back to the dock and highway.

SQUISH 'EM SAM - The best feature of this game is that SAM TALKS! After you squash a creature, head immediately for the next floor.

STAR TREK - If enemy vessels are chasing you from behind, warp away from them and then turn back to return fire. You won't use up shields as fast by adding this maneuver.

SUBROC - When you get to the Command plane, dodge everything it fires at you. Wait until the bonus gets to 1000, then destroy it.

TARZAN - To get rid of the crocodile, run and jump on top of him. You will also gain extra energy for this. If you are low on energy and at the campsite, keep punching the hunter until you are at full strength again.

TIME PILOT - Never attack ANY enemy head on. It could be certain death.

VENTURE - Move Winky into a room and then back out and in again. Keep doing this to see what happens.

ZAXXON - When reaching open space for the 1st two groups of three fighters, stay at the bottom right of the screen and move in a horizontal position while firing. For the remaining enemy fighters, stay at the top of the screen while firing. Best way to get through the force field is to stay on the bottom, then come up slowly while firing in order to line up with the opening in the force field. When encountering Zaxxon, you have to blast at robots, then at the missile in Zaxxon's side. A quicker way is to shoot the missile first, placing your fighter 3 levels high using the altitude indicator.