Install HydraIRC

 -select only a Desktop Shortcut, then install the program

 - once HydraIRC starts, a popup shows    No Identities defined, launch wizard

 - click yes

 - in left menu bar, click on User Identities

 -press New button and put a username in identity real name, username, Nick(name), click Add, click OK, click on Set As Default

 - press ok button (twice) to get back to main screens

 - select File menu and click the connect line

 - in server address bar enter: IRC://, click on OK

 - wait until you enter the ADAM chat, expand the screen by clicking on the square box between – and X boxes

 - click on Favorites and add ADAM Chat; next time you can click on that favorite to get into chat


After this first time, you should be able to start HydraIRC as normal and go to Favorites

  ` then select what you saved the favorite as (i.e. Adam Chat)


To enlarge typing…… go to Options->Preferences...

Click on Advanced->All Settings

Scroll down to Fonts

 - Change Verdana,9,N to fontsize you want (by typing over the values)

 - Channel Input is your typing area

 - Channel Output is chat window from users

 - i.e. Verdana,18,N for twice the font size


IF you cannot find HyraIRC, contact me  and I will send it out to you.