The ONLY supplier who sells NOTHING BUT Coleco ADAM computer supplies,
software and those hard to find hardware items for the ADAM computer.  
I am trying to keep available everything an ADAM owner might 
reasonably require. I have ADAM printer ribbons, and refill 
pancakes that fit the Diablo cartridges, but not the ones Barouq 
Eatos made for Coleco as the spools lack the flange for the 
tension spring. I have new factory sealed data packs. I can
supply blank double-density discs in both the 5.25" and 3.5" 
format; (which may please our users of older DOS computers and 
Amigas as well).  I still have some stock of printwheels and am 
working on expanding the selection of fonts. I have a small 
selection of cartridge games, some never opened, some used. The 
more sensitive Powerstick joysticks are still available as are 
Coleco joystick units.

I have a limited supply of Micro Innovations interface cards, 
printer cables to go with them, a couple of disk drives and small 
memory expanders. Inquire for hard disk requirements. If there 
were enough interest to generate a half dozen or so units, along
with deposits, big memory expanders could be obtained too. I also 
have some turnover of stock on used equipment.
Floppy disks 5 1/4" (360k or 1.2m)        $3.50/box of 10 
Floppy disks 3 1/2" (720k or 1.44m)       $8.75/box of 25 
Diablo HyType 1 printer ribbons(in cases) $4.75 each 
Pancake ribbons to refill above cases     $1.50 each 
FORTH Applications book by S.D. Roberts   $2.95 
Commented Disassemblies of SmartBASIC     $10.00  (by G Cousineau) 
MIDIMITE interface w/ software, complete  $75.00 
Memory expander  64k			  $22.50 
MI parallel interface card(w/PROM socket) $34.95 
MI dual serial interface card		  $49.95 
MIB3 interface card			  $74.95 
MIB2 interface card (if available)        $64.95 
MI floppy disk drive 5 1/4" 320k          $199.95 
MI floppy disk drive 3 1/2" 720k          $249.95 
POWERSTICK joystick (by Amiga) for ADAM   $5.95 
These letters following program names below indicate: 
(A)  auxillary program that depends on another to work. i.e.- a 
     font set to use with a graphics program, etc. 
(F)  limited supplies of datapack version available free of usual 
     conversion charges
These programs produced by the Walters twins, Jim and Bruce, were noted for their ability to meet 
the technical challenges, and possibilities, of the Adam before they became well known.  They 
appeal to the specialists in technical matters and graphics primarily. All come in sealed envelopes, 
and generally speaking where supplied on disc they have included a tape backup. Many require a 
64K expander. All prices are in U.S. or Canadian dollars, rounded to a nickel. Postage and packing are extra.

Adam's Post-it - yes, a post-it note program that was neat in its day and fun now.        $13.50
Borders Plus - aids in creating graphics on the Adam. 				         $10.00
Family Feud Question Pack - a support extra for the Family Feud game.  		         $10.00 (game is PD - ask)
Family Feud Writer - create your own question packs for the game. 		         $10.00
The Label Works - very popular program with software writers for their DDP labels.     $25.00
Librarian - meeting the challenge of making something better than Smartfiler.              $10.00
Media-Aid-Plus - another tool for manipulating graphics. - 			         $13.50
The Print Works - the Walters strongest and most able graphics aide package. - 	         $25.00
RAMDSK - a memory management tool for the Adam. - 				         $13.50
SMARTDSK I FOR SMARTWRITER - Allows use of ADAM or dot-matrix printer with 
all Smartwriter features working; supports memory expander (if present) 
as RAMdisc.  								         $13.50
SMARTDSK II - With memory expander,  sets up and allows use of RAMdisc with
AdamCalc, Flashcard Maker, SmartBASIC 1 & 2 off second data drive 
Smartkey. Includes utilities.  						         $13.50
SMARTDSK III - SmartBASIC utilities package includes dot matrix printer driver, 
RAMdisc capability if memory expander fitted, copies between different 
size media, fastrun utility, more. - 					        $31.00
RamBOOT - another techie toy, on disc with tape backup. 			        $25.00
SmartWriter Elite - adds lots of functions to Smartwriter, including 2nd disk drive         $20.00
SmartDSKcartridge - the SmartDSK utilities loaded and run from a cartridge.                 $33.00

The late Patricia Herrington (Eyezod Graphics) was a major force in the Adam community, not least for 
the collections of clip art that she produced for use with the various popular Adam programs, most notably
 PowerPaint ; in which she was our acknowledged expert.  It's on disc only, it's got a weird copy 
 protection that works on the original ADAM;  but we make NO guarantees on the Emulator.   I do have 
 her patriotic images disc "BOLD GLORY" at $19.00.  I also have her "Yule Tools" collection (look at the 
 ANN Christmas card, everyone is using them) at $19.00    But there's only one!!!!

Pat's very first program was her set of fonts, called "Chromantics", which anyone in the Adam community 
has seen many times over. The sensational part is the big fonts that look like they were cast in shiny 
chromed metal - very effective.  It's on disc only and sells for $18.00.

I still have a copy of Chris Braymen's Sequel 2.0 left., at $33.00. No guarantee I'll have it much longer. 
If you have a Midi interface and plan some Adam editing, get it now.

The following items are currently stocked on DATAPACKS at prices:
Prices are net, U.S. or Canadian dollars. They may have to be adjusted for prevailing 
currency conditions. They cover the software only; where possible a floppy backup is $2.00 extra. and postage 
where applicable are extra.

Adam Bomb v.1.1	25.00	                   Adamlink II 	13.00
Additional games for thinkers	25.00	                       Autowriter (docs incl)	19.00	
BASICaide v.2.0 (NIAD57)	12.50	                  Brainstorm	22.00	
Dinosaur Dig	22.00	                       Easy as ABC & 123	17.00
El Espanol	20.00	                       Electronic Game Pack (docs)	22.50
Games for thinkers	25.00	                       GraphixPainter(docs)	24.00
GraphixPix v.1 (docs)	19.00	                       GroovyGraphics	19.00
Gustbuster (docs)	16.00	                       Kids Triviapak (docs)	16.50
M&M Jeopardy Question Pak	20.00	                      Math Mentor	20.00
Megafiler (docs)	19.00	                       Mind over Adam	16.00
Mr.T Library	14.50	                       Mr.T. Search (docs)	17.50
Mr.T. Search gamepack 1	12.50	                       More games for thinkers	25.00
P.A.L. (Hexace)	13.50                       	PhrasePak2 (need orig.)	10.00
Quest for Quintana Roo (docs)	16.00	                Robothief	24.95	
Showoff2 (64K req. - docs)	22.00	                       School Daze (64K req.)	22.00
Smart Games Pack (docs)	13.00	                      Speedywrite2 (64K, docs)	48.00
Smiley Face (docs)	13.00	                      Speedywrite Spell (64K, docs)	33.00	
Stock Market (docs)	20.00	                      Trivia Wordsearch (add-on	13.00	
ZoranIII	15.00	                           for Mr. T. search)

Note: if a 64K expander is needed, this is noted. If documentation is separate, rather than included as a 
Smartwriter file, it is noted by (docs).  Most programs autoload SmartBASIC but not all.

I also have brand new, unopened blank Adam tapes, and many of the original Coleco programs (CP/M, 
Adamcalc, SmartLogo, Smart Letters and Forms, Recipe Filer, some never opened, some lacking cellophane 
but apparently  unused, some lacking boxes) and more. Ask about what you want.

I also have a very large number of used copies of programs; ask about your wants. I can also often restore 
electronically damaged discs and tapes, or replace physically damaged provided you supply the original. 
When you buy a datapack I can offer a backup on disc for $2.00.

The following titles are normal stock on 160k DISKS at prices:

 Prices are current, net, U.S. or Canadian dollars, 
evened to nearest nickel, shipping extra.	

Adult Grab Bag - juvenilia from some early Adamites who now blush at it	$10.00
Chess Champ - needs 64K expander, copy protected	$20.00
Disc Doctor - Guy Cousineau's effective tool for saving corrupted discs. Docs.	$10.00
Dragon: the Chinese challenge. Mah-Jong by Jack Reedy. Docs.	$22.50
Edix- a Hexace utility by Bruce Walters	$12.50	
EOS Directory Sort - One of Guy Cousineau's highly capable tools. Docs.	$10.00	
EOS Indexer - Another Guy Cousineau specialty item. Docs.	$10.00
Font Power - from Digital Express (Sol Swift) with full docs. Copy protected	$19.00
Formax - Hexace - expands number of drives addressable at one time.	$12.50
Lab Mouse - a Jack Reedy maze game. Docs.	$14.00
Mage Quest - a text adventure game from Reedy. Docs.	$17.00
Mage Quest Construction Kit - add features to parent game	$14.00
Michigana Jones - adventure game by Reedy. Docs.	$13.00
Paintaide - with Swift Fonts, used with PowePaint. Digital Express. Docs.	$21.00
Paintings - clips from ADAMzap for use with Showoff1	$  7.50
Personal Calendar Utility - from Phoenix2000. Docs.	$22.50
PowerPaint - the ultimate graphics program for ADAM. Docs. 64K req'd.	$37.00
Phrase Craze - "exciting word game for the ADAM" - Reedy. Docs.	$22.50
Phrase Pak 2 - aditional question pack for Phrase Craze	$10.00
Pity - from Phoenix2000, inspired by the board game. Copy protected.	$22.00
Power Tools - Pat Herrington's enhancer for PowerPaint	$16.00
Showoff1 - Graphics design package from Digital Express. Docs. Copy protected	$24.00
Showoff2 - Word processing enhancements.  Copy protected. Docs. 64K	$22.00	
Signs! - For use with Signshop. Adamzap.	$7.50
Smartwriter Helper - strengthens SW, allows second disc drive	$12.50
Stage fright - a Reedy text adventure game. Docs.	$17.00
Super Parrot - kid's game by Phoenix2000 - read docs before boot	$17.00
Swift's Label Printshop - trick copy protection, read docs first	$22.50
U-Match-Em - Sol Swift, trick copy protection, read docs before booting	$18.00	
Zoran III - from Adamzap, a game	$15.00	

Note: "Docs" indicates printed documentation is included with the disc but separate from it. With 
others Smartwriter documentation is generally included on the disc itself (where necessary and 
appropriate) where it may be read or printed out.

Sol Swift wrote much of the better Adam software around, but had unreliably complex ways  
Of copy protecting it. His instructions had to be meticulously followed or the disc would be irretrievably
crashed. Since we have no control over buyer behaviour, all sales of Digital Express and Phoenix2000 
titles must therefore be final. Swift vanished from the community decades ago and his one remaining 
contact in the group, Patricia Herrington, passed away many years back and no one could find the 
restoration codes which were left in her care.

In addition to the commercial items above, we also offer a large 
number of FORMER commercial items now in the PUBLIC DOMAIN. These 
range from PD collections (NIAD; gHAUG; ADAM Connection) ADAMagic 
programs, club collections, Coleco prototype games, MIDI file 
collections and MORE.  We can usually obtain copies of items not 
available new (i.e. ADAMCALC). We have a few dozen Coleco cartridges 
(used), ADAM computer systems (lots), misc ADAM parts, ColecoVision 
game units and parts, some ADAM books and MORE!!! We can restore all 
tapes that have suffered "bit" rot and provide tips on some problems.
Complete ADAM systems are available for $100.00 US including shipping
to the U.S.  Sytems are WARRANTEED !!!!  (note: due to the value of the
US dollar effecting the exchange rate; prices may even be less - as of
summer 2002, exchange rates are favorable to the U.S. )   Other parts
and miscellaneous system pieces are also available - CALL !!!!

Disk-based programs can also be supplied on 320k disks at no 
extra charge, or 720k disks at a charge of $1 each.  Programs not
listed may be available used or have been released as freeware; 
ask us about any programs you need.  With few exceptions, we can
supply datapack versions of disk-based programs for an additional
$2 each AT THE TIME OF ORDER ONLY!  (Note: in a few cases this 
charge can be temporarily waived; see coding notes).      
Beyond these U.S  dollar specials I also have available just 
about anything common to all ADAM dealer catalogues, but since 
the excess costs of importing them into Canada (as explained 
earlier, have been paid, and exchange rates are unpredictable, 
I must ask you inquire for individual quotes. 

                      A.D.A.M.   SERVICES
                 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada
ALL ITEMS SUBJECT TO PRIOR SALE!   Some quantities may be limited!