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We have the newest MicroFox Technologies Virtual Disk Drive using an sd card for storage. Also available is the hard drive option - compact flash card media in 100mg w/ 40 partition's (directories); a cartridge to boot the super fast cf system; new 256k memory expanders; new parallel printer/memory addressor cards with onboard eprom to boot the cf system, as well as most of the original Coleco ADAM supplies and parts. Some items may be for reference only and not available at any given time, so check with us to see if we have it in stock. We also have lots of software, PD and originals in copied form. You will find it under the ADAM software for sale link.

While we have available to us many ADAM programs, replacement parts and supplies; send us an email inquiry, then use the A.N.N supplies order form when we respond if we have the item(s). This will allow us to provide the best customer service that we can offer to our loyal ADAM owners. Click on a photo to enlarge it for viewing.

NEW! MicroFox Virtual ADAM Disk Drive $130 + shipping

Pictures below SHOW the Virtual ADAM Disk Drive and how it works; as well has pictures of the operation. Following from left to right; click each photo to enlarge it for viewing; click the photo again to further enlarge it. Installing the Virtual Disk Drive is a simple plug in operation and allows virtually unlimited storage space, along with a lot of space for ADAM programs, games, and data. The Virtual Disk Drive uses ADAMnet protocal; plugs directly into the ADAM side port or existing disk drive; is selectable for disk drive 1 or 2; and holds up to 100 "disk" images in sizes from 160k to 1.44m in ADAMemulator format. The user selects the "disk" desired, pushes the "mount" button, then pulls the reset switch to run the program; OR move to the "disk" desired and use it for data storage after loading a program. The user can add or delete "disks" or partitions using a laptop, an sd card reader and ADAMem. It is truly an ADAM peripheral in that it is "plug and play" storage for the ADAM. (You MUST use a power strip to turn on ALL of ADAM peripherals at the same time in order to avoid potential damage to any of the ADAM electronics. )




ADAM 300 Baud Modem $30 + shipping

ADAM Printer Printwheel $5 + shipping

ADAM Data Packs $4 used; $6 new + shipping

Adam Keyboard - email

ADAM Digital Data Drive - email

ADAM Printer Ribbon $18 + shipping


Coleco 160k 5 1/4'" Disk Drive - email

MicroFox's IDE "hard drive" card (card only) $45 + shipping

MicroFox Gal to fix your non-working MI card from Ecoleco $15 + shipping

MicroFox's PRINTER CARD w/onboard eprom to autoboot IDE system $50 + shipping.

Acts as addressor to access memory above 64k on the NEW MicroFox Technologies 256k card.

COMPLETE 100mb IDE package includes the IDE card, ribbon cable, power supply, compact flash adapter, 2 ADAM formatted cards w/ 40 EOS partitions & 4 TDOS (CP/M) partitions, and either disk or data pack boot media for $80 plus shipping costs. You supply your own standard cpu power cord.

Upgrade your original 60mb cf system with 2 new cards and a new adapter for $15 plus shipping.

NEW!! MicroFox's cartridge to boot your IDE media. $30 plus shipping

picture of actual IDE hd screen; files on the 60mb card & files on the 100mb cf card


Orphanware ADAM Printer/Addressor Card $25 + shipping

ADAM Serial/Parallel SP-1 module (external Eve) $35 + shipping

256k ADAM Memory Sipp for E&T Memory Card $10 + shipping

MicroFox 256k ADAM Memory Card (works as 64k w/o printer/addressor card) $50 + shipping

Coleco ADAM 64k Memory Expander (requires no other cards) $40 + shipping

ADAM Printer Reset "Silencer" Adapter $20 + shipping

Make that annoying printer reset disappear every time you pull the reset switch

ADAM MIB2 Parallel/Serial Card (internal M.I.) $60 + shipping

ADAM Game Switch (original) $5 + shipping

ADAMCON CD (distributed by A.N.N.) $10 + shipping


The pictures below further EXPLAIN & SHOW how the IDE interface is installed; and shows pictures of the installation and operation. Following from left to right; click each photo to enlarge it for viewing; click the photo again to further enlarge it. Installing the IDE storage device gives the user an virtually unlimited amount of space for games, programs, and data. The IDE cf media has a 2 sec access speed and uses a simple 1k boot ddp or boot disk. That is about as fast as SmartWriter appears when ADAM is turned on. OR purchase the printer eprom card for an instantaneous boot up of the IDE media when the ADAM is turned on. (You MUST use power strip to turn on ALL of ADAM peripherals at the same time)

1. IDE interface card; 2. Printer IDE boot card & eprom; 3. IDE accessory package; 4. IDE cf adapter rear view; 5. IDE cf system hooked together;

6. IDE cf system IN the ADAM computer; 7. IDE cf system 2nd picture; 8. Software to program the cf card; 9. Bootup screen of the IDE system;

10. Boot screen # 2 games partition; 11. Boot screen # 3 select game to play


ColecoVision game unit w/ audio/video mods $140 + shipping - gives composite audio/video output to a tv or monitor (game unit only)

pic of back of CV unit w/ composite rca ouputs


ADAM & ColecoVision Driving Module

ADAM & ColecoVision ATARI adapter

ADAM & ColecoVision Roller Controller

ADAM & ColecoVision Super Action


Coleco ADAM Computer Exc Condition In Box $395 + shipping

Coleco ADAM Computer Module 3 Exc Condition In Box $295 + shipping


ADAM SmartLOGO program & manual $20 + shipping

ADAM Computer CP/M 2.2 program& manual $30 + shipping

ADAM SmartBASIC program & manual $15 + shipping

ADAM SmartFiler program & docs $15 + shipping

ADAM Calc Spreadsheet program & manual $15 + shipping

ADAM Recipe Filer program & docs $10 + shipping

ADAM Smart Letters & Forms Program $15 + shipping

ADAM Setup & Word Processing Manuals $15 + shipping


ADAM Book 32 Programs For The ADAM $10 + shipping

ADAM Book ADAM's Companion $10 + shipping

ADAM Facemaker Program $15 + shipping

ADAM Book First Book Of ADAM The Computer $10 + shipping

ADAM FlashCard Maker Program $20 + shipping

ADAM Richard Scarry WordBook Program $15 + shipping

ADAM Telly Turtle Program $15 + shipping

ADAM Wacky Word Games Program $20 + shipping

ADAM Temple of the Snow Dragon - defeat the Dalark Dragon. You will venture thru the castle that the dragon is duty bound to protect; finding jewels, using keys and using weapons to defeat the evil dragon and free your royal princess. $15 + shipping (includes ADAM disk w/ game & instruction booklet) Rated A++


ADAM Bomb 2 - hands down the BEST game produced for the ADAM computer; you WILL love this game and literally take weeks or more to conquer it. 180 rooms to explore; collect crystals, pick up bombs to use, discover people who need something in return for objects you can find and then trade them. Find keys, boots, and other objects to use in the game. $15 + shipping (includes ADAM disk w/ game & map, instructions and hints) Rated A++++


This is a sample of the ADAM computer merchandise which is available thru A.N.N. We have many public domain programs which can be copied for a $6 charge plus shipping (click on the ANN Software For Sale link on the main page). Some programs and supplies are included here even though we have limited quantities of them. We wanted to include the most popular items; and we do get inventory in from time to time. Assorted memory cards and dot matrix printer cards are available - email us. We are here to support the ADAM community thru the ADAM conventions each year and by publishing a monthly news disk to use with the ADAMemulator program from Marcel DeKogel.

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