WELCOME to the ADAM NewsNetwork page.

As an introduction, the ADAM News Network was started back about 1990 as a way for the various ADAM groups in the US and Canada to bring together information and share it with each other. Originally, the disk was available only as a paid subscription way to get the latest news, programs included, etc.

By the late 1990's it was decided to simply put the monthly disk onto the internet forum as well as supply those who wanted a physical disk delivered to their home. Thus, today you can make the choice to pick it up here or get it delivered in ADAM format to you door. IF you pick it up here, you will need the ADAMemulator program written by Marcel DeKogel. A link to this is included on the websites page of the ANN main page. With this program installed on your computer you can read the ADAM file you download as if it were a disk in your ADAM computer disk drive.

As well as put out a monthly disk, we here @ the ADAM News Network, work on the yearly Coleco ADAM computer convention. We have traveled back and forth across the continent - from Florida, to Toronto, to Seattle, to the Midwest, to Vancouver Island, to Texas ... and who knows where next .... we do have a cohort in Japan .... and the UK. ALL are welcome to attend - details are available on the main page of the ADAM News Network; we know you can find that, because that is how you got to this page !!!



e mail : rslopsema@gmail.com