\ ADAM Suppliers

ADAM Suppliers

Here are a few catalogs for ADAM computer suppliers. HLM/GMK in Cleveland, OH supplies hardware.

ADAM'S HOUSE (or Ecoleco as they are now known; is in Pearland TX. We at the ADAM News Network CAN NOT recommend them in any way, shape or form - due to multiple problems with quality and/or completeness of sale items with buyers, including but not limited to a recent ADAM News Network purchase of "supposed" good hard drive cards and resulting problem with those "new" non-working hardware cards. One does NOT have to expect to pay for shipping both ways on 'junk' hardware!!!

All catalogs are in dos form. If you need them in another medium please let us know. Should you be unable to find a product or service on your own, please contact us at A.N.N. and we will HELP you find a source for your needs. BUT, please check the suppliers first! Thanks!

Please feel free to contact me at the following address:

E-mail: rslopsema@gmail.com