You have reached the home page for the Coleco ADAM computer and the ADAM NEWS NETWORK (A.N.N.) the monthly disk based newsletter. We have a list of other ADAM websites to visit, ADAM product suppliers, the history behind the ADAM computer,and information on the ADAM NEWS NETWORK and ANN monthly disks.

While the ADAM computers are aging, we are observing just how sturdy and well built the little computer from a toy company was. Today we have a whole new set of users who are discovering the fun of using an 8 bit computer that can be manipulated as no other. Ebay auctions always has a large inventory of ColecoVision and ADAM items, from cartridges to printers to data packs and even full ADAM systems. While the ADAM had vastly more computing capability than our NASA moon shots, it also has vastly more computing power than most users will ever use or need. Even the original ADAM programs are so compact and complete that the modern programs don't outperform them.

From MICROFOX TECHNOLOGIES - IDE "hard drive" media to install INSIDE your ADAM w/ 100mb of space - 40 EOS partitions of 160k to 1.44mb each and 4 TDOS partitions equaling 2mb to 8mb each. Memory card sizes of 256k, 512k & 1mb; a parallel printer card; an addressor card to access the memory cards; disk drives of 160k/320k & 720k/1.44m sizes - both w/ newly designed controller boards. Follow the link below for the "A.N.N. Catalog". Another GREAT resource received from a longtime ADAMite - an original set of Coleco Technical Manual, Programmer's Manual, ColecoVision Manual, and ADAM schematics - now available for downloading, follow the "ColecoVision Programming" link below. They ARE compressed w/ 7zip and quite large, it will take several minutes to download each file.

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