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ADAMCON 30 was a success! You had to be there to enjoy the experience. We saw the games Team Pixelboy is going to release during the next year; did some programming exercises; and played the ultimate Coleco game where players deal with conventions, buy ColecoVisions, Coleco ADAMs and related peripherals all leading to the ultimate prize .... the Much Maligned But Highly Coveted Mighty Mitchell Award. ADAMCON 31 is scheduled for Cleveland Ohio on July 11-14, 2019

From MICROFOX TECHNOLOGIES - a NEW!! Virtual ADAM Disk Drive using ADAMnet protocal - directly plugs into cpu, same as a disk drive. Also available is an IDE "HARD DRIVE" media to install INSIDE your ADAM w/ 100mb of space - 40 EOS partitions of 2 & 3mb each and 4 TDOS partitions equaling 30mb; also still available is the original 60mb version w/ 60mb of space - 10 EOS and 4 TDOS partitions. A parallel printer card with ONBOARD EPROM to boot into the IDE media, as well as act as an addressor for the 256k memory card. Also NEW; a 256k memory expander AND an IDE boot cartridge! Follow the link below for the "A.N.N. Catalog". Another GREAT resource received from a longtime ADAMite - an original set of Coleco Technical Manual, Programmer's Manual, ColecoVision Manual, and ADAM schematics - now available for downloading, follow the "ColecoVision Programming" link below. They ARE compressed w/ 7zip and are quite large, it will take several minutes to download each file.

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